Tuesday, 16 July 2019

The Kids From Rec. Road In Kids Of The Stones pt. 25: The End

Does it end the way anybody expected? Does anything? Find out in the final part of Kids Of The Stones. Today at kidsfromrecroad.blogspot.com...

Monday, 15 July 2019

Ernie Colon's To Sleep, Perchance To... Die!

A nice little John Carteresque Sword & Planet piece now from Ernie Colon, from  Marvel Super Special #10, and seemingly starring Gil Kane's Savage as the sword-swinging hero Jeremy Bolld.
There's no real surprises here, but I could read Ironjaw if Colon was doing it.
Besides, I'm intrigued by this one. Both art, and particularly, story feel a bit cramped, as if the allotted page count was reduced between script and publication stage.
Was Bolld supposed to get his own book, then somebody changed their mind?

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Robin Drops Out

Well, kind of. Back in Batman # 217, Robin had left Wayne Manor behind and headed off for college.
And just like Green Lantern / Green Arrow, the newly minted Teen Wonder was keen to do his own thing, and discover himself and America. Except unlike GL & GA, he didn't actually have to leave his home state to do it.
Mike Freidrich wrote most of Robin's college adventures, and wanted to write about what was happening to him and his generation. So Dick got involved with college riots, elections and ecological issues, and as Friedrich was in his early '20's at the time, and if not in college, then only just out, we can't for once say that this strip was written by stuffy middle-aged men trying to be hip and cool.
Here's a good example, where Robin joins a commune in order to sniff out a violent revolutionary. Interestingly, here the Teen Wonder tries talking instead of just using his fists, which is clearly Friedrich's message.
And even though the ending is a bit pat, and a square like Robin would never really drop out, he's at least having his preconceptions challenged a little...

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

The Kids From Rec. Road In: Kids Of The Stones pt. 24 &.... Swipes

This week at our sister blog, The Kids From Rec. Road, the penultimate part of Kids Of The Stones, our long running paean to '70's fantasy TV. Missed any of the story so far? Haven't a clue what's going on? Me neither! Luckily all the previous installments are there too!
Plus, over at:

We're talking ( for obvious reasons if you've seen the panel above ) Swiping. Homaging. Copying. Acceptable or not?
Join in the conversation at kidsfromrecroad.blogspot.com

Sunday, 7 July 2019

Paul Neary's The Argo Standing By

There's been some love for the inking of Paul Neary on twitter over the weekend, so I wondered who else knew that, back in our era, Paul's beautifully stylish art graced many a Warren magazine.
Turns out there were a few people who'd never seen full pencils & inks Neary, so let's remedy that right now.
The Argo Standing By is from Creepy #73, a sci-fi special where each tale told The End Of The World from a different angle. Budd Lewis' script is poetic and mournful, and Neary sells it beautifully, especially when you stop to realise he's illustrating a story that basically consists of one man walking around a cavernous spaceship. Actually quite a difficult task for an artist.
If you want to see more of Paul's wonderful work, there's more of it sprinkled throughout the blog. You know what to do.