Saturday, 18 May 2019

The Atlas / Seaboard Movie Universe.... No. REALLY.

Followers of The Kids From Rec Road may remember a few weeks ago, when I revealed in the strip that, actually, Tiger-Man is the highest grossing superhero in movies, and that we'd, in fact, had decades of films based on the Atlas / Seaboard characters. Remember that? Well....

I mean, WHAT THE....?!!! This is apparently NOT a joke, but is actually happening! Real life is now even stranger than Rec. Road, and I never thought I'd say that...
Haven't had time to process how The Kids will feel about all this, but I did just scribble this reaction and post it on twitter. Here you are, for those who don't tweet...

Jane In Space

Had a request recently for some more Jane, from when she returned to her home in The Daily Mirror back in the early '80's.
Well, courtesy of blog pal Colin Brown, here's how the queen of good girls came back, as both she and John M. Burns have a blast, both literally and figuratively, in their first adventure together. ( Any hold-outs who still haven't joined Colin's John M Burns Art facebook group out there? )
Here's our gal:

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

The Original Kids From Rec. Road In: The Big Fight

Sean Phillips vs. Shang-Chi! Luke Cage vs. Snoopy! It's The ORIGINAL Kids From Rec. Road, direct from the '70's, today at

Monday, 13 May 2019


Here's a fun, and little bit mad, Zatanna three-parter from Adventure Comics, that then was reprinted in the above issue of DC Super-Stars. It's from Len Wein & Gray Morrow, so you know you're in good hands.
I always found Zatanna's habit of speaking spells backwards something that slowed down the story, and though she was never quite as compelling a character as her Devil's Daughter namesake over at Marvel, being Millie The Model to Satana's Chili, she comes across well here, particularly the way Gray draws her, and that panel where she complains of her tongue wilting is absolutely priceless.
Mind, the villain is unbelievably irritating, with his verbal tic eh...every eh...three seconds. There was a a race of aliens later on in The Legion that did the same thing, and it used to drive me crazy. Gniyonna dab syug raeppasid!  

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Captain America & The Falcon: Power To The People!

Here's a great little done-in-one from Gary Freidrich & John Romita, where Cap & Falc go all relevant and get involved in a race riot in Harlem. ( Sorry, I mean A Holocaust In Harlem! A Tale Of Today! as Gary says... )
You'll know who the bad guy is from the cover onwards, and his master plan really is a bit crap, but then, he didn't really need to be there at all, the story working perfectly well without him.
None of that matters though, as Jazzy John does a great rubbish strewn slum area and makes even the quiet character moments visually exciting.
Yes, the script is as overwrought as every other 'relevant' saga of the time, but that's why I love it, and you can tell Freidrich means well. Plus, there's no easy wrap up at the end, and Cap & Falc even fall out a little bit over their respective sides of the argument.
And I always loved that title logo with the two of them standing there ready for action.