Monday, 30 September 2019

The Bionic Woman In: Casino Of Death!

Got involved in a discussion about the mighty John M. Burns this evening on twitter, which is all the excuse I need to post another of his masterful Bionic Woman serials from Look-In, which is where I came across his work for the first time, all those years ago.
Herein, John uses every colour scheme known to man, fits five pages of storytelling into two, and wastes no opportunity to have Jaime Sommer's unfeasibly long legs leaping all over the page, which is exactly what you paid for when you read a John M. Burns strip.
I also, by the way, found this photo online today and put it up on the ol' twitter. I mean, wow, y'know. Is it possible to go through puberty again?

Saturday, 28 September 2019

The Hair Bear Bunch

How about some Saturday morning cartoons, courtesy of Gold Key? Here's those dope smoking dudes, The Hair Bear Bunch, in a couple of adventures in & out of The Wonderland Zoo.
For years, I puzzled why the second line of their theme song went: 'Where the surgeon bears do'. Thanks to the wonders of the interweb, I now know it's 'We're the certain bears who'. You live and learn.
Anyway, I loved The Bunch as a kid, especially the dopey zoo keepers always trying to stop them escaping, Botch & Mr. Peevely ( 'oo oo Mr. Peevely' ), no doubt voiced by the same actor who did The Hooded Claw.
Oh, and before any Kids From Rec. Road fans ask the question: I'm Hair Bear, Dave's Square Bear, And Sean's Bubi Bear. Obviously.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

The Kids From Rec. Road Present: Stan & Jack #3!

It's not too late, pilgrim! There's still time to catch up on the exploits of Stan & Jack, with their senses-staggering THIRD issue, available right now at
And this issue stars just about EVERYBODY!
While at...

We're talking comics & music. Jeff Jones should've done a Nick Drake comic, we all know that. But what other artists were perfect matches for which musicians? Have your say!

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Kings Of The Night

Is this the first ever fantasy team-up story? I'm thinking it might be. Kings Of The Night originally appeared in Weird Tales in 1930 and is the only Robert E. Howard tale to star two of his major characters; King Kull of Valusia and Bran Mak Morn, the last king of the Picts.
Kull, of course, had a long history at Marvel, but It's a shame neither they or Howard ever did more with Brak, as he's a great character, and like Howard's best heroes, carries a sense of doom and foreboding, knowing that both he and his entire race are running out of time.
After all, his name means Raven, Son Of Morn. What better name could there be for the last king of a dying race?
Kings Of The Night cries out for the epic poetry of a Barry Smith or Tim Conrad, but David Wenzel does a solid job here, and his style fits nicely with a story set in ancient Britain, he just always seemed more of a Tolkien than an REH artist to me.
As well as the frisson of a Howard team-up, I think I like this story so much because, near Cambridge, there's an ancient woodland called Wandlebury Woods, that's supposedly haunted by the ghosts of a fallen Roman legion, and when I used to live near there and drove past it, I couldn't help but imagine Bran and his tribe, skulking behind the trees, weapons bared. Robert E. Howard makes you think like that.