Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The Wild Wonders

The Wild Wonders was a fun, completely charming strip from Valiant about Rick & Charlie Wild, a couple of brothers who'd grown up feral on Worrag Island in The Outer Hebrides, and who'd subsequently become world champion athletes, there being not much to do on the island but go running.
On reaching civilization, they were put into the care of Mike Flynn, an Olympic swimmer who, weirdly, also owned a garage in Bexleyheath.
The hyperactive lads were always happy for Mike to put them up for any charity race or sporting event going, and they pretty much tried out, and won at, every sport going over the years, along the way battling hillbillies, wild bears, gangsters, movie producers, Japanese soldiers who thought the War was still on, and the kind of cheating adults who'd graduated from the Dick Dastardly school of fair play.
It was kind of Wacky Races meets Stig Of The Dump, and owed most of it's popularity to Mike Western's superb, friendly art style.
Here's a beautiful colour Western piece from the 1971 Valiant annual, where once again, the lads leave those rotten grown-ups eating their dust.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Moon Knight: Hit It!

From the tail end of the Bronze Age, here's a bit of a lost masterpiece from the original series of Moon Knight. Although I've enjoyed the lunar crusader's deeply weird new run, and think it's probably the best thing Marvel are publishing at the moment, there's really only one Moon Knight series, and it's the one by Doug Moench & Bill Sienkiewicz.
MK was always a grown-up's superhero book, going down some very dark corners of the mind long before it became fashionable, and this is one of the best pieces. It's less of a story than a statement.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Comic Book Mispronouncameations

Well, we certainly started something in the comments section there, with Tri-Gone Empire versus Trigunn Empire.
So far, we've had Dick Ayers pronounced Dick Hairs, Mike Ploog pronounced Mike Plogue, The Hulk saying  'Punny Human', and me calling Annihilus by the nom de plume Annie Hill-Us.
So what else did we all misspronun...massprenin....say wrong when it came to creators and character's names?
Well, I only recently found out that it's Doug Mensk, and not Doug Mench, as I've always said it, though as that's close to Mensch, a Jewish word for 'a person of integrity and honour', hey, take it as a compliment, Doug.

For years, we all called Big John & Our Pal Sal by the surname Bus-See-Ma. It's actually Boo-Sem-Ah, like Steve Buscemi, or so I'm told.

Here's an easy one. Herb Trimp? It's Herb Trimpey.

And here's a toughey. Bill Sign-Keh-Vitch, our gang all said when Moon Knight came out. Nope, it's Sin-Kev-Itch. That's a real serial killer smile you got going there, Bill, remind me to ALWAYS pronounce your name properly.

Len Wine? Nope, it's actually Len Ween, apparently. Which sounds dangerously close to Weenie, so poor Len must've had a tough time at school.

And what about characters? I think everybody disagreed with Jack Kirby, and called this guy Darkseed rather than Darkside.

What was it they said in the Thor movies? Mayul-Near? Nah, it's Muh-Jole-Near. Always was, always will be.

Oh, and I just remembered, I used to drive my cousin crazy, repeatedly telling him how much I liked CONN-An The Barbarian.

Late breaking news: Some people are now saying it's Doug Monk. Let's have done with it and just call him Doug, shall we?
Anybody got any more?

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Leonard Nimoy

I guess we've all heard by now, but if you haven't, we lost Leonard Nimoy last night.
Regardless of anybody's personal opinion of Star Trek, love it, loathe it, indifferent towards it, here's the thing: When you talk about pop culture, this guy was a part of everybody's lives, even if in a minor way, for decades. That's worth noting.

Like the DJ's say, I guess all we can do is play a song. Or, in this case, a Gold Key Star Trek :