Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Avengers: The Summons Of Psyklop

Here's the first part of a brilliant Avengers / Hulk crossover plotted by Harlan Ellison, then scripted by Roy Thomas.
In actual fact, the finished story is technically a non team-up, as ol' Jade Jaws spends most of this issue unconscious, while Earth's Mightiest Heroes don't make it to the second part of the tale in Greenskin's mag at all.
But Rascally sticks closely to Ellison's draft, ( seen in pre-FOOM mag, Marvelmania ) only really adding a bit of voodoo fun for Cap & Falc for no readily apparent reason, as well as a bizarre bit of dialogue where T' Challa begs off this month's adventure as he has pressing business back in Wakanda and Quicksilver, of all people, tells him that: None shall miss you more than I...
Oh, and there's a Captain Marvel in-joke. But there always is with Roy.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Mad Revisionist Westerns

Love the revisionist westerns of the '70's, me. After years of boring old John Wayne on every Sunday afternoon, we suddenly got exciting, 'Now' westerns like Little Big Man, Jeremiah Johnson, Soldier Blue, High Plains Drifter and the one us kids were safely allowed to watch, Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid. 
Remember the end of term, where instead of lessons, we got to watch a film in the assembly hall before breaking up for summer holidays? It was always Butch & Sundance at our school.

Mad only got round to doing a couple of those, sadly, so no Jerkymiah Lonesome or Sobber Boo Hoo, but we did get Botch Casually & The Somedunce Kid:

And Dustbin Coughman in Little Dull Man:

Sunday, 27 November 2016


I really like this short Supergirl series ( 10 issues from 1972-1974 ) that came off the Maid of Might's appearances in Adventure Comics. It's gentle stuff that won't hurt you, and Supergirl comes across as a good egg, which is the way I've always seen her, plus in a career of bad costume choices, there's a lot to be said for the small 's' and hotpants combo.

The stories are by Cary Bates, Superman's joint best Bronze Age writer alongside Elliott S. Maggin, and the artwork, by Art Saaf, is akin to a particularly well done romance comic. Even Vince Colletta on inks comes out of this well.
It's bright, breezy and bouncy, with a carefree Supergirl having a lot of fun attending university and flying around and just, well, being Supergirl. Remember when superheroes had fun?
It's a nice comic, that's all, and we can always do with a few more of those. Here's the first issue.