Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Captain Hurricane

Captain Hurricane was a strip that ran in Valiant, literally forever, and was exactly the same every single week. Which was entirely part of it's enduring charm.
Captain Hercules Hurricane was a marine commander with the people skills of Sgt. Fury, and the temperament ( and strength ) of The Hulk, who spent the entire war being driven insane by his pint-sized cockney batman ' Maggot ' Malone.
In every single episode, that ' blithering idiot ' Maggot got into his head some new career path or hobby he'd like to try out, that would then cause chaos for the Captain, who would struggle to keep his temper for as long as possible, before inevitably Hulking out into a patented ' Blazin' Fury ', and annihilating any ' sausage swilling sauerkraut's ' or ' slant-eyed sushi swallowers ' within punching range, all the while swearing alliteratively as above ( imagine if 1984's chief writer / king of cussword's Bill DuBay had got ahold of this strip! )
It was kids' comedy at it's purest, with endless variations on a single gag, and was always a good, wholesome, if slightly racist laugh.
I could've picked literally any Captain Hurricane strip to show off, so I did! Here you go, you 'orrible little bleeders!

Friday, 16 June 2017

Jim Sherman's Lightning Lad & Saturn Girl

As I've said before, I loved Jim Sherman's work on Legion Of Super-Heroes, and thought it was a real shame when his pencils were drenched in unsuitable inking, as happened so often.
The problem was ( as Jim says in the interview for Comics Feature elsewhere on this very blog ) was that he was just too slow to make the deadlines, putting way too much work in to justify what he was getting paid. As he said: 'I have to make a better living than comics can afford.'
Here's a combination that did work, as Sherman is paired with Joe Rubinstein for a little romance back-up, starring the Legion's beautiful people, Lightning Lad & Saturn Girl.
It's all stunning work, that opening splash alone taking Jim three days. Time well spent, I reckon.
Say, that professor's a bit touchy-feely, isn't he?

Monday, 12 June 2017

Daddy And The Pie

One of the most fondly remembered stories from Eerie is Bill DuBay & Alex Toth's Daddy And The Pie, the story of a gentle alien taken in by a farming family in the 1930's.  Its, I guess, a proto ET, but is much better than that sounds. Plus, it's one of Toth's finest.

Friday, 9 June 2017

The Lady Liberators

We've all read this one before, I'm sure, but hey, let's read it again, 'cos it's great.
As a kid reading this issue, I was more interested in the fact that Natasha, Wanda, Jan & Medusa had formed a team, and that the Masters Of Evil were back in town, than in any feminist ideals being expressed.
Nowadays, I find this tale a smorgasbord of delights. It's hysterically funny ( Doc Doom's riposte on p.5, Val's battle cry, THAT last panel ), fascinating for it's time and place ( Roy & Jeanie Thomas at the Rutland con ) and a bit of a missed opportunity.
I would absolutely have bought a Lady Liberators book at the time, as would you, and if Roy The Boy seems to be paying lip service to feminism, well, it's no less clumsily well-meaning than that issue of Lois Lane where she turns black for a day. And certainly it's all preferable to Sue Storm or Marvel Girl fainting every time they used their powers.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Razar The Unhero

Richard Corben's satirical barbarian Razar The Unhero appeared in a couple of issues of underground Fantagor and one of later book Grim Wit, and is Corben at his funniest and most un-PC.
Razar, like all barbarians, is a king-size doofus who thinks with his groin, and seems to fall into adventures like he's stepping in cow-flop.
Corben meanwhile, is nearly up there with Don Martin as far as great sound effects go. What noise d'you make when punched in the gut by a treacherous naked female? Why, 'Beliak' of course.