Monday, 6 July 2015

The Bog Beast

The Bog Beast was, fairly obviously, Atlas' version of Man-Thing / Swamp Thing / Marvin The Dead Thing etc etc etc. and appeared in a couple of issues of colour horror book Tales Of Evil and b/w mag Weird Tales Of The Macabre.
Apart from being saddled with an deeply unfortunate name for this side of the pond ( 'Bog' being slang for lavatory / toilet over here ) and in fact looking not unlike a giant walking turd, I thought this particular generic monster had a glimmer of promise.
The set-up is mildly unusual, for instance. This time, the hideous creature is actually a scientist from a subterranean society, come up to the surface to study us humans. Of course, The Bog Beast can't speak english and so can't make himself understood, leading to him being perceived as, well, you know the rest.
Apart from Jack Sparling on the first episode, it was drawn by Axa / Modesty Blaise's Enrique Badia Romero, so looked great, even if the stories don't make a vast amount of sense.
Here's Enrique's first story, along with the unpublished piece that would've appeared in Tales Of Evil #4, but that eventually turned up in an Australian reprint. Like I say, The Bog Beast was going places in my opinion, even if it was only back underground.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Run For The Stars

Back when Harlan Ellison didn't actually mind being referred to as a science-fiction writer, he wrote a series of loosely connected stories about a war between Earth and an alien race called The Kyban, each one looking at different incidents and characters from the conflict.
The most famous of these is probably Demon With A Glass Hand, adapted into one of the best episodes of the original Outer Limits TV show, and into a DC graphic novel by Ellison and Marshall Rogers ( which I'll put up here at some point ), but Epic also had a go at a few, in the hands of Ken Steacy.
The best one is this one, Run For The Stars, that has a fantastic set-up you wish you'd thought of yourself, and wonderful painted art from Steacy. His slithery, twisty anantomy and colouring is perfect for this tale, which grabs you by the throat and takes you into absolute pulp sci-fi heaven...

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Vampire Circus

Another great move adaptation from House Of Hammer, this time it's Brian Bolland actually improving on the film that featured a vampiric David Essex lookalike alongside Dr Who assistant Romana.
This is as good as anything Bolland did for 2000AD or later, DC. It's like he started out great and then just stayed great. Makes you sick, dunnit?