Saturday, 9 November 2019

The Comic Reader Cover Gallery

Just want to show off some great covers from longtime fanzine The Comic Reader. Some of this is rejigs of work already seen, some of it's wholly original. And some of it's not by who it might at first appear. Have a close look at some of those signatures.

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

The Kids From Rec. Road Go Graphite

Ever been a living thumbnail? The Kids From Rec. Road are, this week over at our sister site. While at:

We're again talking How Far Is Too Far? But not in terms of horror this time, but in terms of creator's personal statements. Enthralling peek into the creative process or self-indulgence? Comics Will Eat Itself, at

Monday, 4 November 2019

Return Of The Claw: The Lektrons!

Been way too long since we last gaped in wonder at the incredible art of Jesus Blasco, so here he is with one of his all-time classics, and an all-time fave of my old pal David Holman's: The Lektrons!
Louis Crandell aka. The Steel Claw had been away from Valiant for a while, following his massively wrong-headed turn as a silver-spangled superhero ( alluded to here ).
Happily, on his return he was back to what passed for normal, though it's noticable that he was much more heroic looking, much less sallow, and now armed with a burgeoning third division footballer haircut & a never ending supply of groovy polo necks.
Regardless, the invisible secret agent was back to doing what he did best, saving the world from alien invasion!
In Blasco's hands, this really does feel a teatime serial they'd put on before Blue Peter, or the kind of b/w film BBC2 used to run on a Sunday afternoon.
Look out! Run! Hide! Only The Steel Claw can save us from... The Lektrons!