Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Kids Of The Stones pt. 7 & The Scariest Comic / Film / TV Show Ever!

Uh oh, looks like the comic fan who gives us all a bad name, That Darn Arnold Lipshitz, is taking over at Rec. Road this week.
And as if that wasn't scary enough:

At this week's Pete's Podium, we're asking the all-important question:
What Comic, Film AND TV show scared the beejesus out of you when you were a kid?
I've picked mine, each one guaranteed to give you nightmares, but what about you all?
Join us at kidsfromrecroad.blogspot.com and 'fess up!

Monday, 25 February 2019

How'm I doin?

Massive overconfidence nearly always covers up massive inadequacy, like in this brilliant piece from Howard Cruse via Heavy Metal.

Saturday, 23 February 2019

The Newsboy Legion & The Guardian

A extra treat in Jack Kirby's Fourth World books were the added reprints of some of his and Joe Simon's Golden Age classics, still as great as the day they first appeared. In New Gods you got the original Manhunter, in Forever People it was the Sandman, in Mister Miracle the Boy Commandos, and in Jimmy Olsen my favourites, The Newsboy Legion & The Guardian.
A newer version of The Legion were already appearing in Jimmy's main strip, of course, so as a public service DC showed us where they originally came from ie. the place where Jack Kirby grew up.
Tommy, Big Words, Gabby & Scrapper were orphans, struggling to survive on the mean streets of Suicide Slum, each one of them reflections of the young Kirby. Their father figure was Jim Harper, a decent cop who was also shield-swinging superhero The Guardian, though the boys could never prove it.
As a kid, I loved The Guardian and the way he leapt from panel to panel, but grown up, what I love about this strip is it's brutal ( for the time ) realism.
Kirby grew up in a tenement much like this, as we know, and his hatred for the bad guys here who prey on good kids like The Legion is palpable, plus he doesn't shy away from the violence one bit. Look at the face of the main villain after The Guardian's finished with him, or the incredible scene where Scrapper is punched out of a third floor window. For a fantasy, you feel every single bruise.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

The Kids From Rec. Road In: Kids Of The Stones pt. 6 AND Pete's Podium: Comic Book Movies

This week, over at The Kids Of Rec. Road, Tiger-Man makes yet another of his deluded attempts to steal our strip out from under us. Will he succeed? Difficult to tell at this stage...

It's another Pete's Podium! And this week's burning question:
Now that we're all living in a world where there's, to pick one insane example at random, a DOOM PATROL TV SHOW, what's the best comic book movie adaptation so far? And what's the worst? And when is Tiger-Man gonna get his shot?
As always, it only counts if you comment at Rec. Road, so pop in and let us know ( and wildly disagree with my choices if you like! )

Monday, 18 February 2019

Conan: Child Of Sorcery

As huge a fan as I am of sword and sorcery, and Conan, it's sometimes nice to ring the changes a little bit. So here's the question: What happens to all those women Conan meets in the course of his adventures? Those endless women he fights for, rescues, then leaves standing at the end of each story? What's their perspective? Where's their story?
Well, it's here. In Child Of Sorcery Roy Thomas, Christy Marx and Ernie Chan pull the neat trick of answering all those questions, while telling a typical Conan Adventure, and finding in the Cimmerian more subtlety and depth by seeing him through fresh eyes.
This isn't just an interesting curio, Child Of Sorcery is one of Marvel's best Conan stories. Really.

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Michael T. Gilbert's A Dream Of Milk & Honey

An absolute cast-iron masterpiece now from Michael T. Gilbert.
Regular follower Manuel Ruiz has been talking in the comments section about the greatness of Gilbert's work in general, and of this strip in particular, and he's completely right.
I could've sworn I'd already posted it, but bizarrely can't locate it in the history, so definitely need to do so now.
Michael was all over Mike Friedrich's Star*Reach line, of course, especially with The Wraith, his funny animal tribute to The Spirit. But as great as that was, A Dream Of Milk & Honey in Star*Reach's sister book Imagine was a quantum leap forward and in my opinion, one of the great sci-fi classics of comics. Certainly one of the ones everybody should be more aware of.
How great is A Dream Of Milk & Honey? Well, it's so great that Will Eisner wrote Michael a fan letter about it:

And as Michael is on facebook, I asked him if it would be ok to post his story for those poor souls still unaware of it, and being a true gent, he's happy for me to do so. It is, of course, copyright Michael T. Gilbert 1978 & 2019.
From Imagine #4, here's the first part of the story. If you want to know what happens next ( and you will ), you know what to do...