Saturday, 12 October 2019

Bill Stout's Dinosaurs

Scored this beauty in a second-hand bookshop yesterday, and thought I'd share as much as I can safely scan without ruining the book.
This is billed as a nature book, with text by a respected paleontologist, and maybe one day I'll even read it, but right now we're here for Bill Stout.
If Frankenstein is Berni Wrightson's opus, Dinosaurs has to be Stout's. It's crammed full of paintings and drawings in just about every medium, and they're all beautiful. Here's some examples:

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

The Kids From Rec. Road: In Progress

This week at The Kids From Rec. Road, we're previewing what will eventually be our first issue! While at:

We're discussing creativy itself. What does it mean? What does it cost? Should be an interesting discussion. Join in, at

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Bruce Jones' Gestation

From Unknown Worlds Of Science Fiction. here's a wonderfully creepy, skin-crawling slice of nastiness from Bruce Jones, the EC-artist-that-never-was, that approaches it's denouement with awful inevitability. Just another reason Jones is up there with Archie Goodwin for never telling a bad story.

Saturday, 5 October 2019

The Joker

Yep, even The Clown Prince Of Crime got his own series in the Bronze Age. It's an odd, not entirely successful run, basically because you spend most of it waiting for Batman to walk into frame.
Not that there's no precedent for this kind of thing: The Joker here spends a lot of his time solidifying his reputation as top dog in the criminal underworld, by taking on other Bat-enemies like Two-Face, something The Spider for one spent his entire career doing.

Unfortunately, we can't let The Joker win, so what you're left with is an admittedly fun series hidebound by it's central theme, plus as I say, it's by all the same creators as were then on the regular Bat series', so you really miss The Darknight Detective's presence. As did the writers, as there are multiple references to him throughout.
Still, the run has a nice line in self-mocking humour.

It kills me that The Joker goes around looking for 'satisfactory places to lurk...' Over here?, ooh, over there! Yes, THAT's a satisfactory place to lurk!
Ok, It's just me then...

And a series where old Smiley Face falls in love with Black Canary's alter ego Dinah Lance, and is chased up a bridge by Green Arrow that looks suspiciously like the one Gwen Stacy fell off, clearly has a lot to offer.
Or this issue, where The Creeper pops up and does his thing, a security guard is apparently allowed to read a priceless joke book on his lap while driving it to the library, and Denny O' Neill takes a few barbed potshots at Charles M. Schulz. The madness! The madness!