Tuesday, 27 November 2018

The Kids From Rec. Road's Imaginary Friend

This week on The Kids From Rec. Road, Dave has an imaginary friend. Who only I can see. Click over to the right there to see how I deal with the news in my usual calm, understanding manner.

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Gerry Haylock's Just William

Our old pal Colin Brown is doing some great detective work at the moment, locating rare treasures even I've never heard of, and in the process saving me a whole load of work ( ! )
Like the always great Gerry Haylock for instance. British fans will, as Colin says, remember Haylock instantly, for a ton of great work in Countdown / TV Action. But that isn't all he did. Here's Colin:

Gerry Haylock is a name which will be instantly recognisable to UK comic readers of a certain age. In the late 60s and early 70s, my favourites were Land of the Giants in Joe 90:

UFO in Countdown:

& Doctor Who also in Countdown:

Around the same time, I also enjoyed reading Richmal Crompton’s William books. In the early 70s, Armada released the books in new paperback editions with covers which unusually depicted William as if the stories were written in modern times. I really liked those covers and had quite a few of them. Imagine my surprise a few months ago to read somewhere that it was Gerry Haylock who had illustrated the covers. It’s obvious once you know but clearly my 12 year old brain wasn’t sharp enough at the time to put two and two together. 

Friday, 23 November 2018

Angus McKie's Legend Of The Magic Tone Box

From the rock issue of Heavy Metal, here's my favourite Angus McKie piece, even over and above his brilliant So Beautiful & So Dangerous. It's a rock n'roll fable in the classic tradition, and cries out to be read over a Sabbath or Zep soundtrack. In fact, it really should've been in the HM movie.
Let There Be Rock.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

The Kids From Rec. Road vs. The Gargantuan Graham-Thing

Hey, didja check out this week's Kids From Rec. Road already? We're still on the hunt for That Darn Arnold Lipshitz, the kid with greatest comic collection in town, and this week, we introduce our very own man-monster The Gargantuan Graham-Thing, because Whatever Knows Fear.... Oh, you heard that one already?
As always, we're just a swerve of your mouse to the right there and a click on the link for more free fantabulous frolics and fun.

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Superman & Batman: The Super-Foes From Planet X

Back to the Silver Age now, for one of those super silly World's Finest stories where Bats, Supes & Robin fight aliens. Y'know, one of those tales everybody says they hate, and that ruined the Darknight Detective for years, but that always raise a smile and that we all like really.
My personal Bronze Age was still full of reprints like this, and I had no problem slotting them right alongside more 'serious' fare, and enjoying them in the spirit they were intended.
After all, I didn't know the Silver Age was over and we were now in the Bronze Age. Nobody told me.
This one, The Super-Foes From Planet X, has always stuck with me, if only for the scene with the matchbox and the genius way Batman escapes the trap the alien's put them all into.
Go on, smile. You know you want to.