Monday, 29 October 2018

In Deep

A Creepy Corben classic for Halloween now, written by and starring Bruce Jones. Sleep tight.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Mad Fan Letters

Here's Mad's version of perennial Sunday Afternoon war flick Where Eagles Dare, which is always fun when it's on. It's by Larry Seigel & Angelo Torres, and is spot on as always. But stay tuned till the end credits for a surprise, and the real reason it's being posted today.

The real reason for posting this, is this fan letter that appeared a couple of issues later, from ol' squinty eyes himself, which is rather cool. I also like the fact that Clint is so old school Hollywood, he refers to a movie as a 'picture'. Let's bring that phrase back.
The 'Warriors' movie Clint refers to, by the way, isn't THE Warriors, but Kelly's Heroes, which he starred in and Brian Hutton directed.

In actual fact, Clint became a semi-regular correspondent:

So did any other celebs take it on the chin, and write into Mad? You betcha. Sure, 99.9 % of these are probably just posed photos ( including Eastwood's ) and The Usual Gang Of Idiots have made up letters to go along with them, but I like to think at least a couple are genuine. They're great pictures anyway:

You say you're not much of a reader, Jon? Mad's perfect for you, then.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

John M. Burns' The Seekers

A heads up for anyone on facebook, pal of this blog and F.O.O.B.A. ( Friend Of Ol' Bronze Age ) Colin Brown has started a John Burns page over there. It's the John M. Burns Art page and obviously comes highly recommended from these quarters. Here's the link:
And as I generally need little to no excuse to post anything from my favourite British artist, here's a relatively early newspaper strip from the great man.
The Seekers ran from 1966 to 1971 in The Daily Sketch, and as you'll spot a mile away, was an attempt at getting some of that there Modesty Blaise dollar.
Don't let that put you off though, as it's a solid piece. Jacob Benedick & Susanne Dove ( along with their crafty cockney partner Duffy ) are The Seekers, freelance troubleshooters and missing person finders in the employ of the aptly named Miss Frost.
Jacob is a not quite as engaging Willie Garvin, while Susanne is less Modesty, more Totty in distress, and in fact is generally treated like furniture by her swinging sexist partner.
But there's a real downbeat edge to The Seekers and their distinctly unglamorous missions, and in this, the third instalment, writer Les Lilley has a great time with a bunch of villains with bags of personality.
And Burns, obviously, is on top form, even at this reasonably early stage in his career. Just take a look at how he spots blacks on a snow covered Dartmoor here. Worth the price of admission by itself.

Monday, 22 October 2018

Children Of The Stars: The Conclusion

As promised, here's the final two parts of Charles Vess' early masterpiece, from the pages of Epic Illustrated. Melancholic, dark and beautiful. As I said before, like a fairy tale you only half remember from childhood.