Thursday, 30 August 2018

Meeting Don McGregor pt. 1

This week we lost Russ Heath, Gary Friedrich and the first lady of comics, Marie Severin. I'll obviously pay tribute to each, but I think we could all do with some good news. Well, it's good news for me anyway...
Is anybody going to the NICE con in Bedford this weekend? I am of course, to hang out with my old pal Sean ( Philbo ) Phillips as he signs and sketches.
But that's not all: In a move I still can't quite believe is happening, me and Sean have been asked to interview Don McGregor!!!
Don is, natch, the star guest, and we're going to be doing a live Q & A with him, covering as much of his career as we can fit in and talking about when we were kids, growing up reading the Dauntless one's amazing body of work.
If you're in town, come along and watch us be gibbering fanboys, why don't 'cha?
Oh, and in a blatant plug, skip over to the right there for a special Don themed Kids From Rec. Road strip...
And to get us in the mood, some snippets:

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Neal Adams' One Hungers

If you've been reading the comments sections here, especially in the Lady Cop post of a few days ago, you know we've been talking about long lost comics, those issues you might only remember a couple of panels of, and that have driven you mad for years trying to figure out what they were.
Our pal Turbo Ghost, for instance, has three like that:
There's two that may've appeared in House Of Mystery or House Of Secrets, one about a mermaid in a wheelchair who shows up in a small harbour town, and who everyone loves until they see a movie about a woman who controls a sea serpent, so they turn on her.
That sounds to me like it may be two stories mixed up, but I could be wrong.
The other is a winter murder mystery where a guy dresses up as a snowman to get a confession from the suspected killer.
But the one from TG that really intrigued me was a piece involving waterfalls, cavemen, and a blob-like creature that feeds on screams....
Found it! It's One Hungers, from the 2nd issue of Tower Of Shadows, and it's by Neal Adams. Come on, I'm good, ain't I?
Still working on the other two, but if they do ring a bell with anyone, obviously let us know, and if you've been driven mad by a half-remembered comic, let us know that too. You never know, if I can't find it, maybe somebody else can...

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Superman, Bodyguard or Assassin?

Here's yet another great Superman story from Cary Bates and the Swanderson team, that everyone this side of the pond will remember from the DC Christmas annuals.
Not quite sure why it needs to be an imaginary story set in the future but there you go. Was there ever a sequel to this, does anyone know? I have a memory of a Supes story where a white or blonde haired villainess was escaping in a private jet on the last page, and she had the exact same button in her thumbnail that General Trevis and the secretary have in this tale. Or am I getting stories mixed up?