Tuesday, 14 August 2018

A Happy Ending For The Heap

So whatever happened to Skywald's very own muck-monster, The Heap, in the end? Well, it was an open secret that editor / writer Al Hewetson hated this particular character so, after some great opening shots from Ross Andru, Mike Esposito & Tom Sutton, Archaic Al let the strip slide a bit.
Episode after episode passed by, each one more nonsensical than the last, with Al clearly writing the whole thing through gritted teeth.
But then he decided to end the serial in the most bizarre way possible. With a happy ending.
Following a story where The Heap loses all intelligence and reasoning, putting him at about the same level as Atlas' The Brute, Hewetson gave up the ghost entirely and provided the bog beast with a finale Swampy, Manny and the rest would give their right ( regrown ) arm for.
As for the poll at the end, where readers are asked to write in if they want The Heap back, well, Skywald went out of business before Al had to make good on that promise.
Which is a shame, because when he started, Heapy was a pretty great strip. Still, as I say, I don't recall any other character ever ending his series quite like this.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

The Return Of Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter

More vampire slaying fun from the swashbuckling Hammer Hero and his hunchbacked sidekick.
From House Of Hammer #1-3, this continuation of the movie comes from an 11 year old Ian Gibson, I'd guess just a couple of years before he hit 2000AD.
I'd say it works a lot better than the movie adaptation ( even though it weirdly appeared in HOH before it ), and I'm surprised no company like, say, Dynamite, haven't picked up the good Captain and given him a series. Ok, he's obscure, but since when has that stopped anybody?

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Jack Kirby's Spirit World #2

A while back, I posted the first issue of Spirit World, one of two b/w magazines Jack Kirby did for DC that were released disinterestedly in 1970, to barely any notice at all.
Spirit World and In The Days Of The Mob lasted one issue each, DC weren't interested in promoting them, so no one bought them, and they vanished without trace.
Of course, this is Kirby we're talking about, so nothing vanishes without trace, and Jack ( being Jack ) had already produced most of a second issue of Spirit World before the axe fell.
Not one to waste anything, DC coloured and published those strips in the first 3 issues of Weird Mystery Tales and the 6th issue of Forbidden Tales Of Dark Mansion.
This stuff is as mad and as brilliant as those in Spirit World # 1, maybe more so, and deserve to be seen, so here we go with what would've formed the bulk of the second issue.