Friday, 23 December 2016

DC Comics Presents: Superman & Santa Claus

Supes just the way we like him, in the kind of story they don't write anymore.
Len Wein, E. Nelson Bridwell, Curt Swan, Murphy Anderson and an ending guaranteed to make you smile.
Happy happy merry merry, and see you in the new year, gang.

Monday, 19 December 2016

... And All Through The House...

My first taste of EC comics came with this battered old copy of a 1965 reprint book I picked up at some point in the Bronze Age, which is all the excuse I need to post this, possibly EC's greatest Christmas horror story. The Tales From The Crypt movie is bound to be on BBC2 at some point over the holiday season, with Joan Collins leading this fetid fear fable, so here's the original, from the late, great Johnny Craig:

Friday, 16 December 2016

Ro-Jaws' Christmas

Two of my all-time favourite 2000AD characters of all time have to be Ro-Jaws & Hammer-Stein ( Geddit? D'ya geddit? ) off of Ro-Busters and ABC Warriors.
Hammer-Stein is the perfect straight man, but the real star is Ro-Jaws, the garbage eating, garbage talking droid who has to look up to even see the lowest rung of the social ladder, but still sees no reason why he should show anybody the slightest bit of respect.
Coarse, shouty and completely loveable, he even got his own film review page back in the day ( 'Wotcha Humes! Cor! I'd sooner eat rotten banana peels than sit through THAT pile of poo again! But then 'oo wouldn't?' )
Here's how he got started, in a Christmas tale aimed to tug at the heartstrings ( well, in a typically cynical Pat Mills kind of way. )
Pat is joined here on art duties by the great Mike Dorey ( no relation ) and in keeping with the season, Mike dips his ink pen in soot from his victorian chimney, and the whole thing gives you a nice warm Christmassy glow. Until, presumably, Ro-Jaws eats everything in the house.
Including the house.
' Appy Chrimble, humes! '