Saturday, 28 February 2015

Leonard Nimoy

I guess we've all heard by now, but if you haven't, we lost Leonard Nimoy last night.
Regardless of anybody's personal opinion of Star Trek, love it, loathe it, indifferent towards it, here's the thing: When you talk about pop culture, this guy was a part of everybody's lives, even if in a minor way, for decades. That's worth noting.

Like the DJ's say, I guess all we can do is play a song. Or, in this case, a Gold Key Star Trek :

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Storm - The Deep World

Storm was a magnificent sci-fantasy series from the equally magnificent Don Lawrence, beginning in 1976. It was published originally in dutch magazine Eppo, though has since been translated into just about every other language going. Later serials for instance, appeared in both Heavy Metal and the British fortnightly Strip.
Lawrence had spent ten years on The Trigan Empire for Look & Learn, before finding out quite how many other countries that strip was being reprinted in, and quite how much of a cut he wasn't getting for it.
I'm a sucker for Lawrence's ultra realistic work, and here he raises pulp adventure to almost the level of high art, being as great at world building as he was in Empire, and making this ostensibly foreign strip somehow feel quintessentially British.
Storm himself is kind of Buck Rogers crossed with Conan, which is a pretty great combination, and if the translation in this opening story is a little bit stiff and unwieldy, it doesn't really matter, as you're having too much of a good time to care. Besides, I like foreign language strips, it's like watching a subtitled movie.