Monday, 9 September 2019

Archie Goodwin & John Severin's Enemy!

There was a fair bit of talk on the old twittersphere over the weekend about it being the birthday of the late, great Archie Goodwin, one of comics' greatest ever writers & editors.
So, still being in a Goodwin kinda mood, here's a beauty of a story from Archie, from Warren's extremely short-lived war book Blazing Combat.
You can see Goodwin here still slightly in thrall to Harvey Kurtzman, and the way he structured his EC war books, but it's still recognisably Archie, because it's a solid, proper story with a beginning, middle and end.
Oh, and John Severin? Yeah, he could draw a bit.


  1. Great magazine, & probably Severin's best post-E.C. art. First-rate!

    Chris A.

  2. Classic Frazetta cover!

    Gene Poole

  3. Another yep here.
    Its a bit of a corny story really, but when it looks so good and doesn't outstay its welcome who cares?
    Thanks for posting.


  4. I'm just glad this mag came out before Blazing Saddles. ;)

    - Neil

    1. Arf! Neil, you really should've written for Whoopee! ( That's a compliment...! )

  5. Even if Vampirella is my favorite among the Warren Magazines (in no little part for the spanish works) I think Blazing Combat was the best of the company for one reason:it was a so short run that got no time to go into decadency, reprints and Z-grade stuff.

    Every single one of the 4 magazines contains superb tales. Goodwin is at his best here (well, he was almost always as his best) and the artists were simply the best in the USA market industry at the time.

    John Severin is excellent here, as always. I still have to see a bad job from this man. Just watch his Rawhide Kid for the Max line or his wonderful work with Chaykin in American Century 24.

    Next stop: the infamous Vietnam story.


    Manuel Ruiz

    1. Blazing Combat was wall to wall great art. I picked up #s 2 - 4 for a song ($5 apiece in 1986). Could have picked up # 1 for $25, but funds were tight. Now it is pretty much outside my budget. But who knows, maybe one day a bargain will drop into my lap.

  6. Yeah, saving that one, Manuel, and don't disagree with anything you said, natch.