Monday, 5 August 2019

The 13 Dead Things

Is this the most gruesome strip Skywald ever printed? I dunno, but it's pretty damn gruesome. What's that? Oh really? You've seen worse and anyway it's nothing like as bad as... holy crap, look at THAT!!!!
By the way, if you're searching for old Skywald mags on the ebay, that cover trumpeting this story? The strip actually turned up two issues later...


  1. To be fair, I didn't actually see that twist coming.


  2. Liked it! Not even close to shocking me. My bar is waaaay too high...uh...low?

  3. It's pretty relentless this one, though, isn't it? That's what I was referring to really.

  4. Oh yes! Very well done! Reminds me of my second marriage but, without the happy ending!