Sunday, 7 July 2019

Paul Neary's The Argo Standing By

There's been some love for the inking of Paul Neary on twitter over the weekend, so I wondered who else knew that, back in our era, Paul's beautifully stylish art graced many a Warren magazine.
Turns out there were a few people who'd never seen full pencils & inks Neary, so let's remedy that right now.
The Argo Standing By is from Creepy #73, a sci-fi special where each tale told The End Of The World from a different angle. Budd Lewis' script is poetic and mournful, and Neary sells it beautifully, especially when you stop to realise he's illustrating a story that basically consists of one man walking around a cavernous spaceship. Actually quite a difficult task for an artist.
If you want to see more of Paul's wonderful work, there's more of it sprinkled throughout the blog. You know what to do.


  1. Interesting, melancholy tale. Though the Argo is a reference to the ship piloted by Jason in Greek mythology, many of the other references in Budd Lewis' script are Biblical, such as the last trump (from 1 Corinthians 15:51-52).

    The ship's control panels are very much of its era, now a retro sci-fi aesthetic, just as the "futuristic" computer lettering of the title is.

    The story initially makes me think of the E.C. classic "50 Girls 50," but goes off in a direction more akin to the 1971 film "Silent Running" with actor Bruce Dern alone in a space station, receiving orders from earth.

    Best regards,
    Chris A.

  2. 50 Girls 50 meets Silent Running is a very good description, yeah.

    1. Passengers was a movie in 2016 with Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt which stole the basic premise of 50 Girls 50 without giving scripter Al Feldstein or EC any credit. It even dumbed down the plot! Stick with the comic.

      Gene Poole

    2. I couldn't help but think of Passengers myself...

  3. I remember reading this when it was new. Heartbreaking, and now he has passed away:

    Chris A.

  4. Yeah, Budd had a life and a half, didnt he? Heartbreaking, as you say.

  5. Here's a photo and bio of Budd Lewis from Eerie #60 in 1974

    - Neil