Monday, 29 July 2019

Gabriel, Devil Hunter

If Doug Moench had set out to come up with a series solely for me during the Bronze Age, he couldn't've done much better than Gabriel, Devil Hunter.
Obscenity spitting demonic possession? Check.
Tortured one eyed, two fisted catholic priest? Check.
Leather-clad sexpot assistant making goo goo eyes at the hero? Check check and triple check.

Gabriel is a priest who now works as a freelance exorcist, having successfully expunged a 300 year old witch from his own body, costing him his place in the church, his wife, and one of his eyes. So everything then.
He's a great, brooding hero who only really comes alive when called upon to destroy evil, and would make a belter of a movie.
Sadly, the series didn't get the time to progress, running in 4 issues of Haunt Of Horror and the last issue of Monsters Unleashed, so each tale is, in essence, a variation on a theme. But what a theme.

Here, from that final issue of Monsters Unleashed, just before Marvel's black & white horror line went to the grave, is that last adventure, where Gabriel and assistant Drusilla ( who may, or may not, be his dead wife reincarnated ) set out to exorcise an honest to gravestone corpse:

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  1. You can't imagine the pleasure of reading these on the beach a cloudy day of october.

    This said, for my tastes the very masterpieces by Mr. Moench are, ex aequo, Doc Savage magazines and Moon Knight backup stories. It's opening one of these and feel a rush of pure auttum. F*ck Summer!!

    Manuel Ruiz

    Ps. Thanks for posting