Saturday, 20 July 2019

Action Presents: Look Out For Lefty!

For our superhero-mad gang back in The Bronze Age, footballing strips were even lower on the interest-o-meter than war or romance. Might've occasionally glanced at somebody else's copy of sports paper Tiger, 'cos Hot Shot Hamish was quite fun, but on the whole, nah, not bothered.
Leave it to Action to come up with a great football strip, in the form of Look Out For Lefty!

Kenny 'Lefty' Lampton was a soccer prodigy whose life off the pitch was the real draw of the piece, being as he was, like every other great Action character, as downtrodden and working class as yer like and born with a chip on his shoulder. Always involved in run-ins with local street gangs, unsympathetic coppers and snidey, conniving teachers, Lefty had more trouble than most comic characters. He's also got a great supporting cast, in the form of his Steptoe & Son-like Junk shop owning Grandad, and Angie, his ballsy Bay City Roller loving girlfriend.
It was Angie, actually, who contributed indirectly to Action's eventual ban, mostly because of the episode where she lobs a glass Coke bottle at another player giving her man grief on the pitch. What a gal.
And don't you just love everybody's classically third-division '70's haircut's in this strip?


  1. Information from another site:

    Look Out For Lefty was an unconventional football strip based on the adventures of Kenny Lampton, a working-class teenager whose powerful left foot gave him the nickname of “Lefty”. It was unlike any other football strips in British boys’ comics at the time because the strip would include football hooliganism, as well as Lefty’s not always being a clean-cut hero. The violence on display in the strip mirrored the real-life football violence taking place at the time, most notably during a game between Aston Villa and Rangers. After the ban, the strip became a conventional Roy of the Rovers–type strip and removed any hint of controversy. The strip was written by Tom Tully, with art from Barrie Mitchell and Tony Harding.

  2. Again with the Hot Shot Hamish shout, Pete?

    Anyway - yeah, Look Out For Lefty wasn't Roy of the Rovers. Although funnily enough, both were written by Tom Tully. As was Death Game 1999!

    I suppose that must have helped with the revised post-ban version, although you knew it was over for Lefty when Angie grew her hair and started wearing a dress...