Friday, 14 June 2019

Superboy & The Legion Of Super-Heroes Limited Collectors' Edition

Apparently The Legion are coming back with a new series from Bendis. Well, it's about damn time. What were DC waiting for, the actual 31st century?
To celebrate, here's the whole of the Legion's 2nd treasury / limited edition, an original story that I don't think has ever been reprinted.
It should've been a masterpiece, this one, and it isn't, sad to say. Paul Levitz' story is all over the place, Mike Grell's anatomy is as shaky as it often was, and if Vince Colletta spent more than a weekend inking the thing, I'll be astonished.
BUT, it is the wedding of Lightning Lad & Saturn Girl, with all the complications that always ensue at superhero weddings, plus it's the only long-form Legion story attempted at the time, so I've always had an affection for this one.
There's also a nice guide to the gang by Jim Sherman, who I kind of wish had drawn the main story too.
Mind you, he was so slow, he'd probably still be working on it now...


  1. Nice seeing this again - a prelude to the true golden age of The Legion, the Levitz/Giffen run of the 80's - a run which, in my mind, has yet to be surpassed (but some have come close).

  2. I must admit, alarm bells are ringing with phrases like: 'Bendis will examine how characters like Kamandi, OMAC & Booster Gold fit into the broader context of The Legion' ( Just tell a story! ) and '1000-year odyssey will connect all of DC's future timelines for the first time' ( Aaargh! Just tell a story!! )
    But I don't want to be one of THOSE fans, and I was totally wrong about Titans, so let's wait and see...

  3. Excellent stuff thanks for putting this on your blog I used to see this advertised but never saw it in the shops. LSH was one of my all time favourite comics so I am looking forward to see the what the new version will be like, akthough i am also a tad concerned at the plans for the book. I agree with your comment "Just tell a story" can be used for 90% of todays comics they are all overly complex and violent. Still i have to admit that I am getting a wee bit fanboyish over this.

  4. Me too, obviously. As long as it FEELS like The Legion, that's all I ask.

  5. I obviously missed an earlier post: in what way were you Pete mistaken about a TITANS project?

    This was good fun, probably Mike Grell's best work on the LEGION feature.

  6. On here ( and on twitter ) I laid into the Titans TV show on the basis of the trailer, and particularly the bit where Robin swears ( which I still object to ).
    Having since seen the show, I have to admit it's brilliant, and that I was wrong to assume it would automatically be shit.
    For once ( which is very unlike me ) I did become one of THOSE fans. Mind you, it was DC's fault really:)

  7. Everything is DC's fault, Pete. From envelopes that won't seal due to faulty glue to crashing real estate markets, you can bet it was because somewhere, somehow, DC did something stupid. It's just nature.

    I recall the first Legion comic I ever read - where a number of Legionnaires were turned into toddlers complete with DC toddler-speak ("Me want to play with blocks"). It was a DC staple that at one time or another, everyone would either become a baby, get a giant brain, or encounter/change into an abnormal gorilla.

    Let's see Bendis explain that. :)

  8. K, you're turning into Dave...

  9. But Dave's into the Legion, isnt he?

    A bit much for the Legion to mock twentieth century attitudes to green skinned people when Tyroc always seems to draw the short straw (randomly chosen by computer? Sure.)

    Personally, I can't see that Sherman was much of an improvement on Grell - you'd think for a Collector's Edition they could at least have got Garcia-Lopez for the back-up.


  10. He is indeed, the usual rules don't apply to The Legion...
    But didn't you see that Sherman Lightning Lad / Saturn Girl back-up I posted a while back, Sean? It's beautiful work, and shows that when he wasn't saddled with inkers like Jack Abel, but rather sympathetic ones like Joe Rubinstein, his stuff was fantastic.

  11. Thats a fair point about Jack Abel, who could make even Craig Russell's Killraven look a bit boring. But to be fair, Mike Grell had to put up with Vince Colleta, as you mentioned (poor old Vinnie - he always gets it from comic bloggers).

    Er, not that I'm making an argument for Grell.
    Anyhow, don't know how I missed that Lightning Lad/Saturn Girl post, but taking a quick look... yeah, its better, but thats relative really - its certainly not my idea of fantastic.
    Plus, its inked by Joe Rubinstein, who's work tended to dominate the pencils, so...

    All the same though, I did enjoy the post believe it or not. Theres something about the unremarkable 70s-ness of it thats quite endearing if that makes any sense. I think it might be what you were getting at in the intro maybe?


  12. That's absolutely what I was getting at, yeah. And we'll agree to differ on Sherman, I think that opening splash on the other story, with Garth & Imra in love, is gorgeous, but maybe I'm getting soppy in my old age...

  13. Grell's '70s comics work was wonky (and loaded with Neal Adams swipes) & his '80s work less so, but he was prolific and seemed to be genuinely impassioned about what he was drawing---something that always comes across to fans.

    What is he doing now?

    Chris A.

  14. I'd agree completely, Chris, and I really like Jon Sable. As you say, Grell was like a fan enjoying himself.


    Mike Grell is 71. His wikipedia page lists him working at Marvel on X-men Forever about 10 years ago, and a Green Lantern story for DC in 2012. A bit more recently he drew some digital comics connected to the Arrow TV series.

    A friend of mine who met him at a con 30 years ago said Mike Grell had an eye patch. He may have vision in only one eye, which makes his workload over the years even more impressive for its sheer volume.

    Gene Poole

  16. Wow, so sadly going the same way as Colan, then...