Monday, 17 June 2019

Spidey & The Thing -- Together!

I'd forgotten how good this one was, until I reread it recently.
Gerry Conway's plot doesn't stand up to too much scrutiny, The Mad Thinker getting involved for no real reason, and Gil Kane ( or maybe Mike Esposito ) haven't quite got Ben on model as yet, but none of that matters. What this story is really about is The Puppet Master & Alicia.
For the first time, we properly learn their story, and see him as the weak man he sees himself, knowing that, no matter how much he may want to, he's incapable of changing.
It's a great bit of writing and characterization, and elevates what would've been just an average punch em' up issue.


  1. Spidey is doing some Linda Blair/Exorcist style head turning on that cover, and the red webbing goes too far down his back. We should see more blue and a bit of that fat red spider on his back, too. That's Gil Kane's art. Will have to read the story and get back to you.

    Gene Poole

  2. Some of my favourite Spidey reading came from those early Team Up issues. My personal favourite being the 4 part Witchcraft story with Scarlet Witch;Vision;Dr Doom and Moondragon.Thanks for sharing this memory Pete.

    1. that's my favourite MTU story, too, only I was always include the Killraven & Deathlok issues that followed in with it. I'd love it if they could release just those six issues in a trade.

    2. Oh yeah, they count, Joe. I did find those two a bit disappointing, but then Killraven & Deathlok might've been tough to work in any Team-Up scenario.

  3. Didn't I post the first part of that a while ago? If not, that's remiss of me. If I did, and I haven't posted the 2nd part, that's even more remiss of me!

  4. Spider-man's eyes look strange, and his head looks more like a smooth oval beneath that mask, instead of a human being.

    Esposito inked the Thing too lumpy early in the story, but began to distinguish the individual rocks in his body as the pages progress.

    This book has the look of a top notch rush job, hacked out by some capable pros. The pay rate was probably higher on the main title.

    Chris A.