Friday, 31 May 2019

The Avengers: Your Young Men Shall Slay Visions

Ok, firstly, that's a great title for a story.
Apparently there's a bit of kerfuffle around the ol' interweb involving some people insisting that comics shouldn't be political, which I take to mean, they shouldn't try to say anything.
I'm not sure where these people have been for the last 40 years. To quote Skunk Anansie: Yes, it's f**kin' political. Everything's political.
I'm sure Steve Englehart & Bob Brown would agree.
For instance herein, Wanda & Vision openly declare their love for each other to the world, and the world reacts in various ways. Some good, some very bad.
It's the little details that make this one, like the fact that the threatening note Cap opens up is obviously written by an illiterate, a small but telling point. As is Cap's reaction, and Wanda's line about hate for that matter.
It's also a classic pulp set-up, as The Avengers fight to stop the bad guys getting into the operating room where Viz lies at death's door.
Ok, considering they're The Avengers, they seem to have an inordinate amount of trouble fending off a few non-powered thugs with guns, but we'll let that one go.


  1. The title is a riff on "...your young men will see visions," the latter portion of Joel 2:28 (and Acts 2:17) from the Bible.

    Chris A.

  2. This particular story had a lot of beautiful moments - from the old Indian woman baking a cake for a fellow 'redskin' to the further cementing of the Iron Man/Thor friendship - and of course, the big scene where Cap throws the illiterate note from a young Sean Hannity into the fireplace (could you even get away with a scene like that now without brutally 'offending' the semi-literate racist shitbag portion of the readership?).

    What unfortunately tainted an otherwise fine issue were the dopey villains who actually had plungers on their heads. Was Englehart making a statement about how unbelievably stupid these people are by having such a moronic fashion statement - or did he just not think how that would look as he was writing it? I don't know - but the end result seemed silly and took away some of the serious menace of the bombers.

  3. That does slightly let it all down, I'd agree.

  4. That issue was particularly moving, in my young mind. I actually felt a little nausea, thinking people would willingly blow themselves up.

    While I always preferred issues with classic costumed villains, the drama & comradary really shines out. Great one story issue.

  5. Bob Brown was not one of Marvel's better poaches from DC (like Cockrum, Wolfman and Wein). Although super inker Klaus Janson made him look good on Daredevil.