Saturday, 18 May 2019

Jane In Space

Had a request recently for some more Jane, from when she returned to her home in The Daily Mirror back in the early '80's.
Well, courtesy of blog pal Colin Brown, here's how the queen of good girls came back, as both she and John M. Burns have a blast, both literally and figuratively, in their first adventure together. ( Any hold-outs who still haven't joined Colin's John M Burns Art facebook group out there? )
Here's our gal:


  1. Rather a one joke strip, but well drawn.

    Chris A.

  2. You can tell John's enjoying himself immensely...

  3. I remember Robert Maxwell appearing on GMTV promoting the return of JANE and being asked what adventures she'll be getting into, and he replied "Jane loses her knickers in space" and everyone laughed assuming he was joking.

    A real guilty pleasure of a strip (fnar) for me this.

  4. Nothing guilty about it for me - It's a master cartoonist doing what he does best! Mind you, I do hear Bernard Bresslaw & Sid James going PHWOOAR everytime I read it...

  5. John M. Burns, the UK's answer to Stan Drake!

  6. Good call, there is some Drake in there.