Monday, 7 January 2019

The Kids From Rec. Road In: Kids Of The Stones

It may well be 2019 all over the rest of the world, but not for The Kids From Rec. Road. In our world, it's still half past 1973, always and forever.
Like this week, where we begin our mystery drama serial for teatime: Kids Of The Stones, where we discuss, pay homage to, and generally rip off one of the greatest kids' TV shows of the Bronze Age, or indeed, ever.
So get into your jim-jams and make sure your homework's done, then click on the link over to the right there, 'cos the first episode is just about to begin.


  1. I do try to split the site between the bronze age posts and The Kids, Joe, and generally post comics twice a week ( or occasionally three ). Unfortunately, the specific days fluctuate just because of my current workload. I will be posting something a bit special tomorrow hopefully tho'.
    And I understand some people may not be that interested in The Kids, but hey, give us a try if you can - you might like us!