Tuesday, 4 December 2018

The Kids From Rec. Road vs. Arnold Lipshitz

This week in The Kids From Rec. Road, we finally meet our arch-nemesis, that darn Arnold Lipshitz!
The kid with the greatest comic collection in town.
Who won't let you read any of it.
Meet Arnold for the first time just by clicking the link over to the right there, unless of course, you've already bought the Great Big Comic Scene Christmas Annual:

In which case you've met him already, 'cos The Kids From Rec. Road are in there too!
It's out now, and it's packed with so much good stuff, it will actually take you until Xmas itself to read the whole thing. 
It's in 1000 outlets, including W.H.Smith, McColls and, natch, all good comic shops. Or you can order online at comicscene.tictail.com or www.getmycomics.com.
So grab a copy, why don't'cha? After all, Arnold Lipshitz already has his, and you know he ain't sharing it!


  1. Poor old Arnold Lipshitz, you've really got it in for him Pete.
    (To be fair though, it does seem like he was asking for it)


  2. Next time you go to a con, Sean, and head for the longboxes, that'll be Arnold there already, not letting you get round him...

  3. Replies
    1. Oh, he's THAT guy.
      Carry on then.