Sunday, 9 December 2018

Shang-Chi, Master Of Kung Fu: Smoke, Beads And Blood

Last week, the news was 'dropped' ( as the young people say ) that there's going to be a Shang-Chi movie. Man, we really are living in the Golden Age, aren't we?
To celebrate, here's one of my favourites from the Doug Moench / Mike Zeck run of the series.
This is actually the perfect entry point, this issue, being a done-in-one that allows Shang to indulge in his usual inner lamenting about how unfair and arbitrary modern life in the western world is, and also to kick arse in no uncertain terms.
Both of which you have every right to expect when you pick up a copy of Master Of Kung Fu.
Hey, remember when Droopy used to take all that crap from the bad guy, until he reached his breaking point with an aside to the viewer: 'You know what? That makes me mad...'
Shang-Chi. The Droopy of Marvel Comics. Just sayin'.


  1. You're intent on sharing my favourites at the moment Pete. I absolutely love the Zeck run on MOKF. Considering he followed a class act like Gulacy, he still managed to imprint his own style on the book. Thanks for sharing some golden (I mean bronze) memories :)

  2. One of the good things about this series finally being reprinted is, not only can old and new fans experience how great Moench & Gulacy were together, but how great Zeck and, of course, Gene Day were as well.

  3. If I remember correctly, this story is one that had its genesis when an admirer of MOKF-- either Cat Yronwode or Trina Robbins-- sent Doug Moench a bunch of reference materials in which Fu Manchu-creator Sax Rohmer had done sketches of a rundown waterfront dive. Moench promptly turned around and used the material in this story.

  4. I didn't know that, thanks Gene. Sounds like the kind of thing Cat would do for sure.
    Nice piece on my 2nd favourite Star-Lord story, by the way, I've linked this & The Kids blog to yours now.

  5. BTW,I'm 90 percent sure the donor was Yronwode, who was certainly better known for being a Bronze Age "fangirl" than was Trina Robbins.