Sunday, 4 November 2018

The Doom Patrol

Just watched The Doom Patrol's appearance on Titans, and enjoyed it immensely. I won't spoil it for anybody, but the tone was pitch-perfect. And again, I'm really enjoying the show after loathing that trailer.

So let's do some classic Doom Patrol, with the first issue I ever read. Ish #106 comes from 1966, but I originally read it around 1976, when my Grandad bought me a Double-Double comic containing it.
Double-Double Comics, for the uninitiated, were bound together remaindered comics minus the covers, and could contain just about anything.
This one I remember because it contained both this issue of Doom Patrol, and the issue of Challengers Of The Unknown advertised on the last page here.
As I say, I'd never read The DP before, had no idea who the characters were or what was going on, and didn't even have a cover to guide me. But I loved them instantly.
Which is exactly the process you're going to go through right now. Let the weirdness begin.



  1. I bought the first appearance of the Doom Patrol (My Greatest Adventure #80) for £12 over 30 years ago - still got it too. I also have the DP Omnibus, which I've still to finish reading through. I think I've also got a couple of Double Double Comics with DP issues in them. Funny how the DP and the X-Men were so similar and Arnold Drake wrote for both of them.

  2. Yeah, I was wondering how many people watching it without knowing the history would be thinking: 'This is a bit X-Men-ey'.

  3. Bruno Premiani’s great art made the Doom Patrol
    twice as quirky as X-Men!

  4. I got acquainted with the DP (the ORIGINAL, accept no substitutes) via reprints in SUPER-TEAM FAMILY in 1976. New "Challengers" in the front, too. Loved Bruno Premiani's art immediately, as well as Arnold Drake's stories. Premiani, of course, drew the first two "Teen Titans" stories, and had a lengthy (for him) run on TOMAHAWK on the early 1950s. His art pops up in several of the Simon & Kirby collections and the CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED "Conquest of Mexico" (#156, if memory serves).

  5. They'd all be worth getting, thanks Kevin. I wonder if his art was deliberately odd or if it just came out that way?