Thursday, 8 November 2018

Be A Kid From Rec. Road!

Just jonesing for a few extra readers over at my other blog The Kids From Rec. Road, just a short click to the right there.
Regular visitors to The Bronze Age Of Blogs need no prompting, I'm sure, but if this happens to be your first time here:
As well as showing off the best ( and occasionally worst ) in Bronze Age comics, I also produce the aforementioned Kids, a free weekly strip all about when me and my old friends, Sean ( Yes, that Sean Phillips ) Phillips & David ( Who, me? ) Holman, were comic loving kids in the 1970's.

So it's all about me and my pals, but it's about you and your pals too, and the kinds of conversations you had and the comics you loved, and still love. A visual accompaniment to this here blog, if you like.

So join in, click on the link, read The Kids From Rec. Road, eat your greens, get a good nights sleep, do what your mother tells you, for the next hour we will control all that you see and hear.
This week, we're off to see Arnold Lipshitz. You remember Arnold...

In your town, you may've known him by another name. Trust me, he was Arnold Lipshitz too...


  1. Pete, I thought I was already following The Kids... but apparently I wasn't, so I've fixed that now. I guess I've been linking to the blog from your Twitter site and ( dammit! ) that's just not good enough. I'm a proper Follower now. Do I get a badge or anything?

  2. That's great, thanks C. D'you know, I have been thinking along the lines of, in the future, some kind of fan clubby thing like we used to get in Buster or Valiant.
    Y'know, poster, membership card, stickers maybe, and yes, badge.
    If only because I could call the club K.O.R.R! ( sometimes it's 'Kids From', sometimes it's 'Kids Of' )
    For now tho', let's just say you're an honorary Kid, with all the perks and privileges that that entails!

    1. A codebook!
      Don't forget a codebook - that way you can send secret messages to all your KORR uh... agents.


  3. I really get a kick out of the photo backgrounds and the cartoon kids. Very clever, Pete!

  4. Thanks guys, be sure to follow / subscribe etc. then you won't miss an episode!
    Codebook! Yeah, I forgot that - 'Meet us by the bandstand on The Rec at 3:00' and all that. That's a definite!
    Neil, the photo backgrounds started as a way to stick to the weekly deadline, but actually I think they give the strip a unique look, so I'm keeping 'em for now. ( Sean's always on at me to draw actual backgrounds! )
    Might also put up some of the ORIGINAL Kids strips occasionally, from when we were actual Kids ( especially if I miss a deadline! )