Saturday, 8 September 2018

Moon Knight: Black Spectre

As I've bored about before, as well as being maybe the last great superhero of the Bronze Age, Moon Knight always felt to me like the superhero for grown-ups.
We were all rapidly approaching adulthood, and Doug Moench was telling us that was a scary place we were about to walk into.
And Bill Sienkiewicz' art, particularly in this issue, looked like the rabid scratchings of inmates on the wall of the asylum. This series was very definitely a step up, and I don't believe ever really gets the credit it deserves.
Like the logical extension of the superheroes with problems trope, Moon Knight really had problems, like schizophrenia, manic depression and a constant lack of self-worth.
Still he was mega- rich and had the super hot Marlene waiting at home, so y' know, swings and roundabouts.
Herein, Moonie teeters over, and nearly falls into that precipice he was always on the edge of ( and which lesser writers than Moench gleefully pushed him over ).
Like a lot of issues in this initial series, Doug takes an old plot, in this case the villain that's a mirror image of the hero, and delves deep into the psychology of a man who tries to repair his life by pushing all that pain onto another, in this case Moon Knight.
These are real people hurting themselves, and each other, in every way possible.
Just a comic book, by the way.


  1. Great issue from a great series. I've followed the subsequent MK series by other creative teams, some of which were pretty good. But nothing has ever measured up to the Moench/Sienkiewicz run. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Nothing's come close, Benestro, I agree. Like lightning in a bottle, this was.

  3. Love this Moon Knight period. Very underrated by many who just look at Miller’s Daredevil and Byrne’s X-Men as the stuff of which collectors are made. Bill Sienkiewicz was uniting the styles of Neal Adams, Stan Drake and Bob Peak into a very nice fusion.

  4. Well said, Neil, again I'd agree, MK is up there with DD & X-Men of this period.

  5. Anyone interested in this should have a listen to this podcast which is a lengthy and entertaining interview with Doug Moench and discusses the origins of Moon Knight amongst other things.

  6. Moon Knight was a top comic for a while, sort of like "what if Batman had better writers and less cash plus Egyptian motif/powers?"