Sunday, 12 August 2018

The Return Of Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter

More vampire slaying fun from the swashbuckling Hammer Hero and his hunchbacked sidekick.
From House Of Hammer #1-3, this continuation of the movie comes from an 11 year old Ian Gibson, I'd guess just a couple of years before he hit 2000AD.
I'd say it works a lot better than the movie adaptation ( even though it weirdly appeared in HOH before it ), and I'm surprised no company like, say, Dynamite, haven't picked up the good Captain and given him a series. Ok, he's obscure, but since when has that stopped anybody?


  1. Lovely art here Pete. I know you talk about the headache of doing backgrounds,but sometimes a good backdrop can make a panel for me,as is seen here in this strip. Good post!

  2. There is a "Captain Kronos" comic, a four-issue series recently published by Titan, and worth checking out if only for the variant covers featuring Caroline Munroe!

  3. Ian Gibson was 11 when he did this?

  4. Dave - Oh absolutely, a background is an integral part of the design, sets the mood and can even be a character by itself ( see Berni Wrightson & Jesus Blasco to name just two masters ). I'm only being half serious when I say I hate doing them, it just seems photo backgrounds are a useful way to manage a weekly strip like The Kids From Rec. Road. If I had more free time, I'd be backgrounding it up with the best of 'em!

    Darron - Thanks for the heads up. Such an obvious character for comics and I'll be checking out those covers with the luscious Caroline on GCBD immediately!

    Neil - Nah, that's my famous British sarcasm in action. But it's actually lucky you asked, because I always thought Ian started at the same age as Steve Dillon and was roughly the same age, but it turns out he was born much earlier, so was actually nearly 30 when he did this strip. Apologies Ian! ( Hey, I made him younger, he can't really complain )

  5. I mean, of course, 'at the same time as Steve Dillon'.