Wednesday, 1 August 2018

The Kids From Rec Road Are Back Back Back! ( And You Never Even Knew We'd Been Away... )

Longtime followers of this blog may recall me banging on about The Kids From Rec. Road a while back, but for the uninitiated:
Back in the '70's, me and my two best friends, Sean ( Philbo ) Phillips and David ( I Only Buy Marvel ) Holman, loved comics so much, we started doing our own comics, as I'm sure a lot of you did.
The Kids From Rec. Road consisted of us having wacky adventures alongside our favourite Marvel & DC characters in a kind of Mad parody stylee that, we were convinced, Stan Lee was going to sue us for at any minute.
Well, fast forward to today, and after literally decades of messrs. Phillips & Holman nagging me, The Kids From Rec. Road are, indeed, back back back!
Here's the poop: There's an indispensable new mag out all about comics, it's available now, and it's called Comic Scene:

And in the premiere issue, you'll find an all-new Kids strip by your humble host. Here's a taster:

But, y'know, you should be buying Comic Scene anyway, even without us. Here's how you get it:
It's available at OK Comics, Gosh Comics, Cartoon Museum, Gnash Comics, First Age Comics, Magazine Heaven and in each and every Forbidden Planet, as well as every con you're likely to go to this year.
Or you can order your print issue for £5.99 or digital issue for £3.99 to or use the online shop

But's that not all! In a fit of madness, I've decided to bring The Kids back in real style by producing an all-new strip EVERY WEEK over at It's me, Sean & Dave, back in the '70's, arguing and insulting each other about the comics we loved and still love, just like you all and your pal's used to do.
And as well as the strips, there'll be lots of opportunity for everybody to wade in with their opinions on '70's comics. A visual companion piece to this here blog, if you will.
So join in, why don't'cha? This is all free, gratis and for nothing ( at least until I, maybe, get a big enough audience to start charging for this rubbish! ), so skip over there and join The Kids.
This week, our special guest is Tiger-Man. He stalks the night, you know.
Good for him, somebody has to.

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  1. Tiger-Man was pretty good until they decided to totally makeover the whole line. The Ditko issues are a total letdown from what came before.