Thursday, 23 August 2018

Superman, Bodyguard or Assassin?

Here's yet another great Superman story from Cary Bates and the Swanderson team, that everyone this side of the pond will remember from the DC Christmas annuals.
Not quite sure why it needs to be an imaginary story set in the future but there you go. Was there ever a sequel to this, does anyone know? I have a memory of a Supes story where a white or blonde haired villainess was escaping in a private jet on the last page, and she had the exact same button in her thumbnail that General Trevis and the secretary have in this tale. Or am I getting stories mixed up?


  1. Don't recall a sequel Pete, but presumably any second go at the hit failed too; after all, you can't really expect much from a diabolical secret organisation that gives their undercover assassins an identifying thumbnail mark that anyone can see quite easily.

    All the same, its been a while since I've read a classically daft Superman story - you know, complete with anagrams and all that - so enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for posting.


  2. The exploding phone booth and the close up of the hand in the last panel are the bits that have stayed with me, and I'm starting to think I mixed this one up with another, but I can see the white haired villainess in the private jet clear as day. One day I'll get it.