Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Spellbound Presents: Damian Darke

While Peter Cushing was regaling us with his Terror Tales over at House Of Hammer, your top story teller at Spellbound was the mysterious Damian Darke.
Damian's tales were quite often told by the great Brian Lewis, and though they're obviously a bit safer than HOH's, hey, it's Brian Lewis.
I do feel that the Darkemeister did get a little short shrift tho', as his strip was never actually titled, but just popped up wherever there was room for him and his pet crow.
Damien Darke's Dictionary Of Dread? Dramas At Dusk With Damian Darke? It's not that difficult.
Mind you, Spellbound never had a host either, unlike Misty. Maybe that's why it's not as well remembered.
Anyway, here is the Denizen Of The Darke ( see? It's easy ) with a trio of  terrifying tales, staring with one from my neck of the woods.
Although, I've certainly never heard this allegedly true tale while boating on the Broads, so suspect Dame may be being slightly economical with the truth.

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