Tuesday, 10 July 2018

The Poster Plague

Here's the strip that led directly to the creation of one of my all-time favourite Bronze Age books, DC's humour / horror hybrid Plop!
Steve Skeates had tried to sell The Poster Plague to Warren with no success, while over at DC Sergio Aragones was trying to convince Joe Orlando to put more humour strips in House Of Mystery. 
Joe liked Steve's script, and so Sergio finally got a chance to show what he could do, and the piece slipped in, unannounced, into HOM #202.
Readers went nuts ( or Mad or Crazy if you prefer ) and The Poster Plague won the Shazam! award for best short story of 1972.
No fools they, Orlando and Carmine Infantino started thinking about a whole book of this sort of thing, as explained by Sergio in an interview with Dewey Hassell in Back Issue:
' Joe Orlando and I were sitting in a restaurant talking with Carmine Infantino. They wanted a magazine that was different, something about black humour.
Carmine came up with the name. We were talking about it and he said, 'What will we call it?'
And I said, 'We can call it anything, because if the magazine is good, it will stay.'
And he said, 'No, we can't call it, for instance ... PLOP!' ( possibly recalling the sound effect of 'KLOP!' from 'The Poster Plague' )
And I said 'Yes, we can.'
So here's how Klop! got it's start.


  1. Pete I tip my hat to you and anyone else who liked Plop! I just couldn't deal with the art style:(

  2. Really? Sergio, Frank Robbins, Dave Manak, it was great! Or was it Basil Wolverton's covers that turned you off?

  3. The whole lot, lol. Just wasn’t my thing. That being said, I did love Odd Rod stickers as a young boy so...

  4. I think like a lot of things, it's a lot to do with the fact that distribution was so crap in the UK at the time, that the occasional Plop! you managed to get felt really special. Still a great series tho' IMO.

  5. Vintage Aragones, a rare treat.

    I can also relate a lot to some guy called Warren, going out of his mind.