Saturday, 14 July 2018

The ' Lost ' Tales Of The Zombie

Here's a treat for fans of Marvel's Bronze Age shambling zombie, Simon Garth.
In the 9th issue of TOTZ, you would be mistaken for thinking the adventures of our putrefying pal were over. Garth had been granted one day back on earth, and then returned to the peace of the grave, never to rise again. Or to put it another way: Unleashed from hell for 24 hours!!!

But no, there was at least one more story to be told, scripted by Gerry Conway, and with art by Rico Rival, ' The Partial Resurrection Of Simon Garth ' was due to appear in the very next issue.
But when issue 10 rolled around, no Zombie was to be seen, only an admittedly very good Brother Voodoo piece courtesy of Doug Moench & Tony DeZuniga. It turns out that Rival's artwork somehow got lost somewhere in between Honolulu & Guam, leading to all kinds of rush repairs being done to fill a whole issue without it's title character.
The ' next issue ' blurb for TOTZ # 11 promises faithfully that the strip will appear:

But neither it, nor the next issue, ever did.
BUT some of those pages have finally appeared on the net! Here, after 30 odd years, finally, is the first 15 pages of this legendarily lost strip: Enjoy, and if anyone has any more pages, you know what to do.


  1. What an awesome find! Thanks for digging those up and sharing them, Pete!

  2. Thanks, Groovester, but REALLY wanna read the rest of it!

  3. Thank you so vwry much for posting. (Now if someone can clue you in to the remaining pages...)

  4. Most welcome, Bob. Haven't found the rest of this piece yet, but I'll keep looking...