Thursday, 19 July 2018

'Shocking' Teen Titans Trailer Released. Fandom Yawns.

So DC are STILL spectacularly missing the point. Arrow occasionally gets grim and gritty, but it also doesn't forget to be fun. The Flash's entire cast now have superpowers, which is irritating, but it's still fun. Supergirl rams it's feminist agenda in your face every thirty seconds, but it's still fun.
All these years, and DC is still playing catch-up with Marvel. 'Oh hey, Marvel's TV shows are grim & gritty, so let's go that way too. With the Teen Titans of all the choices available.'
At least when The Legion turned up on Supergirl, Brainy was funny. Sheesh.
Oh, and THAT moment in the trailer?
I'm prepared to be proven wrong, of course, but right now? No, Johnny DC. Just no. Didn't you learn anything from Justice League?


  1. DC has been awful ever since they moved from NYC to Burbank, CA. Marvel is still in NY.

  2. Marvel excels at making movies; DC is better at doing animated shows. Lord knows why, but it's a fact. The biggest problem I have with DC's movies & live shows is that they are far too grim, gritty, dark & serious for their own good. Everyone has a huge stick up their butt & that's supposed to be 'character development'. Also, all the villains suck. They're generic, loud and speak in idiot cliches. Ares. Steppenwolf. Bane. All incredibly boring.

  3. Yes to post & comments. Telly by commitee of 'creatives.' Nothing resembling vision, just a hastily assembled jigsaw of lazy tropes and would-be 'cool' visuals. No.