Sunday, 1 July 2018

Ross Andru & Mike Esposito's Up Your Nose & Out Your Ear

Up Your Nose & Out Your Ear was Andru & Esposito's try at their own version of MAD, containing and in some cases rejigging old work they had sitting around looking for a home.
It was originally due to be published by Skywald, until publisher Israel Waldman realised he was already losing money with his current magazine line, and couldn't afford it.
So going the self-publishing route, they tried to put the book out with a little help from the other half of Skywald, Sol Brodky, and the first issue was released in 1972.
Unfortunately, it bombed. Not because of readers ( who probably never got to see it ), and not because of the perceived racism of, admittedly clumsy, strips like Ace Of Spades, but because of distributors & retailers who refused to stock a drug comic book.
Russ & Mike were aghast. A drug book? Where did they get that from?
Well, as you'll see, UYNAOYE is hosted by a comedy presenter called Joe Snow ( actually an actor friend of Esposito's daughter ). Add that to the title, and I can't believe the two creators didn't really know what they were doing.
Still, this is solid stuff, and it's always nice to see Andru & Esposito do humour.
I've managed to put together a fair bit of the 1st issue from original art sites around the net like Heritage, but if anybody has scans of the actual issue, I'd obviously love to see that.

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