Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Bob Oksner's Soozi

Here's a sweet little find I came across while browsing the net. It's a newspaper strip from 1967 by the wonderful Bob Oskner, drawing what he was patently born to draw: The misadventures of a dizzy blonde who seems to be dating Jerry Lewis' twin brother.
I found some b/w pieces too, but let's start with the colour segments.
Somebody put this stuff in a book now.


  1. You are fast becoming the best comicbook detective on the Internet! Wonderful find!!

  2. The Dorknight Defective, that's me!

  3. You need to get Oksner/Wood Angel & the Ape!

  4. Got that - anyone else wanna see it?

  5. OK. Yeah, bring it on. Who would turn down Wally Wood art even if only inking?

    I understand it contains Stan Lee-bashing, too, though I can't imagine being equated with an ape would have thrilled Jack Kirby.

    (Though on the subject of Stan Lee--& Roy Thomas--bashing, what could be more brutal in a mainstream comic book than Funky Flashman & House Roy... and Jack making his stand-in a comic-relief dwarf.)

  6. ((OK. Jim Starlin did go after Stan and other Marvel editors-and-chiefs in his humor title WARLOCK [oh, was that a superhero title?], but I still think Flashman is more personal & venomous.))

    I'm sorry... as you were saying?

  7. Hey man, can't we all just, like, get along? Honestly, comic people are so bitchy...
    Angel & Ape on the way, gang.

  8. My apologies, though, I didn't mean to be dumping on WARLOCK at the very least, since I believe he intended them to be black humor farces as much as superhero stories.

    To be more positive, might I say that Soozi seems to have some moments of being more common-sensical and less ditzy?

    Oh, and I appreciate all who post stuff like this. I honestly do.

    And feel free to delete this after reading at that.

    Have a good day, OK?

  9. Hey, no, sorry if I wasn't clear - I was jokingly referring to Starlin & Jack & Wally and that kind of in-fighting we all secretly love in books like Warlock & A & TA.
    I was in no way referring to your comments, which made me laugh - Sorry for the confusion, I'll phrase my replies clearer in future!

  10. Enjoyed Oksner's Mary Marvel quite a lot.