Sunday, 10 June 2018

Sergeant Strong

Here's a fun little forgotten strip that even I'd totally forgotten about, until I came across some old Valiant's at a con recently. Sergeant Strong is a kind of family friendly MACH 1, from long before 2000AD came along and gave old school comics like Valiant a kick up the backside.
Although this is 1975, it really feels like the mid '60's, and as drawn by Eric Bradbury, the adventures of superpowered superspy Simon Strong would've sat nicely inbetween that week's House Of Dollman and Kelly's Eye.
We still had an Empire in those days ( in people's minds if not in reality ) and Sergeant Strong is as comfortable and as British as a round of toast and an old pair of slippers. Irresistible.
Say, he does seem awfully pleased to have his own strip, doesn't he? And he's absolutely rocking that cravat.


  1. Hi Pete! Is it fair to say that Sergeant strong also appeared in the valiant annuals? I seem to have a strong recollection of the character but my only source would've been the annuals.

  2. A quick search reveals that, yes, the sarge of steel did indeed appear in the 1977 annual, and by Eric Bradbury.
    A Bronze Age Of Blogs No-Prize to you, Charlie!

  3. And as I say, I'd completely forgotten about him but remembered as soon as I saw the strip again.

  4. Sweet! I always wanted a No Prize!!!