Saturday, 23 June 2018

Jack Of Hearts

Jack Of Hearts is another one of those characters that never really caught on, despite Marvel pushing him at us at every available opportunity.
Ok, he wasn't as annoying as The Torpedo, but he was strangely bland, being a square jawed nice guy without much of an edge to him. He was also the character no artist wanted as an assignment, his costume being infinitely more time-consuming than, say, Daredevil or The Punisher.
He also stole The White Tiger's series out from under him in the pages of Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu, something I never forgave him for.
And yet, we demanded him blasting into solo action, apparently.
Actually, this try-out in Marvel Premiere  is pretty good. Sure, you have to wade through the obligatory flashback to the origin, and the shoehorned 'Hi, I'm the supporting cast'  you get in every intro story, but Keith Giffen & Rudy Nebres make a lush art team, and the excruciatingly camp villain is a hoot. Give him his own book.


  1. The subsequent Mini Series was drawn by the incredible George Freeman, of Captain Canuck fame. It was beautiful.

  2. I didn't know that - I love George Freeman's stuff!

  3. Speaking of the time-consuming complexity of Jack's costume, we have the extreme simplicity of the villain's: it pretty much looks like a blackened-in outline of the other one. It makes an interesting visual contrast.

  4. Definitely. Love that 2nd panel on the last page. Is it heresy to say I prefer Giffen's early work to his later nine panel grid / shots over someone's elbow type stuff?

  5. Thanks for this! By the time I started collecting, I guess Jack of Hearts' hey day must've passed. I remember seeing him in cameo-type appearances in some other books (usually cosmic stuff like the Silver Surfer) but I never really knew much about the character. I always thought he looked cool, though.

  6. Not sure Jack even had a heyday, Justin, but you're welcome! I still say the reason he didn't make it was because no one wanted to draw that costume.