Sunday, 3 June 2018

Ernie Colon's The True Game

From the 2nd issue of Epic, here's the massively underrated Ernie Colon with a pitch black satire on the world of big business. What I like about this piece, apart from Ernie's always slick and stylish art, is the 'company speak' everybody in the story communicates in.
Like, I'm sure, some of you, I've spent a great deal of my working life around people who use phrases like 'going forward' or 'drilling down', or who describe some completely ordinary middle management type as having 'vision'.
The new one at the moment is 'squash' as in: 'We need to squash into that situation in order to drill down to the right kind of pebbular level... going forward.'
People who talk like that, I've long believed, have no real vocabulary of their own, and don't even really know what they're saying.
And underneath the thriller element of The True Game, Ernie Colon clearly agrees.


  1. Your loathing of corporate BS-speak might lead you to enjoy this, the always-excellent Jonathan Meades on the subject of jargon.

  2. Great pebbular detail there, Oscar, thanx.

  3. Ernie Colon is an absolute genius.

  4. Glad to provide quantative vocabularial assistance, Pete.

  5. It all goes towards your end of year performance review, Oscar..