Monday, 25 June 2018


Just as Marvel have a law that there must be at least one giant-sized superhero in place at all times, DC during the Bronze Age seemed to have a similar edict regarding teenage cavemen, and Anthro was probably the first of these characters to stroll across the prehistoric tundra.
Unlike his labelmates Tor and Kong The Untamed however, Anthro is much more a light-hearted kind of strip, almost a sitcom in fact.
As well-meaning teen Anthro struggles to drag his nightmare family into civilization, he really could be you. Or Scott Biao at the very least.
Originally prepped as a newspaper strip, creator Howie Post subsequently brought the strip to DC where sadly, and like a lot of great series at the time, it didn't last long. But what there is is wonderful.
Post's artwork has that scratchy, almost-there quality that Kurtzman's did, and as a comedy writer he's aces. Anthro's dad in particular being a standout, as alternately contrary and wise as real dad's everywhere. He gets many great lines in this issue, but my favourite has to be: Your lack of religious sentiment disgusts me!
Check Anthro out. He could be you.


  1. Minus the mammoth-hunting, Anthro was quite the hippie, wasn't he? even if it was his dad into the conscious-altering drugs (and, yes, I know it's just alcohol, but alcohol is a conscious-altering drug.)

  2. Definitely. He debuted a couple of months before the hippie cowboy, Bat Lash, so for once DC were nearly in tune and in time.

  3. I read and loved Anthro when that SHOWCASE issue first came out, and right through the sadly short run of his own title. The 6th and final issue was inked by Wally Wood, much to the detriment of Howie Post's scratchy, idiosyncratic style. At the end we were promised "Next issue: The Stranger", but I'm beginning to think that issue's never coming out...

    Never reprinted, this is a strip well deserving of a collected edition -- it might be well received now that "different" styles of drawing are more appreciated.

  4. I guess Post was slightly ahead of his time in that regard, hadn't thought about that.

  5. Feels like Tor meets the Gogs, or something. Pretty entertaining.