Monday, 21 May 2018

Superboy: Reform School Rebel

I never knew Smallville was in Texas, did you? Well, apparently it is, as Superboy does a Cool Hand Luke, when a good kid gone bad escapes a young offender's institution on the town's outskirts, and hides out in the swamp we were all previously unaware of.
This is great fun, this piece, although sadly there's no overweight, corrupt sheriff in mirrored sunglasses to say to young Kal-El: You ain't from around here, are ya boy?
He also sort of does, but really doesn't, become a Reform School Rebel, which is a bit of a cheat, as seeing young Supes as a leather jacketed Juvenile Delinquent would've been cool.
Krypto's here though, having a ball coming out with lines like: Yip! Yap! Yup! which, we're told, means: I'll have the eye of a night-owl and the hearing of a bat. Who knew?
He also finishes this tale with an arse-clenchingly bad pun, that causes him no end of hilarity. The best comedians never laugh at their own jokes, Krypto. Didn't Bat-Hound ever teach you that?


  1. Wait! Supes grew up in Texas? Why did I always think Kansas or Nebraska? Or have I no reason to think that?

  2. I think it's still in Kansas, Charlie.
    I reckon this is Frank Robbins channelling Bob Haney. In other words, no interest in continuity whatsoever!

  3. Smallville is like Metropolis: it is wherever it needs to be to serve the story. If you want a fixed location, read Marvel.