Wednesday, 16 May 2018


Hard to believe that, before Starburst, there really was no way the British sci-fi fan could get news about the kind of films we wanted to see. Sure, there was the occasional Planet Of The Apes puff piece in Look-In, and you could occasionally get an imported copy of Starlog if you were lucky, but never with every kind of regularity.
Star Wars changed all that, with every publisher rushing to put out a cheap tie-in with the same 5 or 6 photos from the film you already had in the Star Wars poster mag (or whatever ).
Starburst was better than that, and became instantly indispensable to fantasy freaks everywhere. It had good writers, great photos and it came out regularly.
And in it's early days, under the editorship of the mighty Dez Skinn, it had comic strips. Brian Lewis was all over it, like that magnificent cover there on the 1st issue.
And this oft-reprinted one page gag:

Not to mention this illo, to go with a Harry Harrison short story:

Then there's Dave Gibbons:

And this guy from the 3rd issue. Yes, it could probably do with another page or so to let the artwork breathe, but man, why didn't Marvel give Chris Baker a Weirdworld series to do? And whatever happened to him?

Here's Jim Starlin with a classic, even more reprinted piece:

And finally, what the hell, howabout a couple of sweet ads for comic shops, courtesy of mssrs. Bolland & Bolton:


  1. Thanks to Forbidden Planet opening in NYC in 1981, I was able to acquire stuff like the Target Dr Who novels, the re-issued Quatermass adaptations, Dr Who and Blake's 7 magazines and both the current and back-issue Starbursts!

  2. Sounds like a good day to me...

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