Monday, 14 May 2018

RIP Margot Kidder

" You've got me?? Who's got YOU?!! "
The coolest, hell, the ONLY Lois Lane worth mentioning, Margot Kidder sadly passed away yesterday.
As I have increasingly, depressingly said many times over the last year or so, there goes another little piece of your childhood.
I remember me & Philbo getting the bus to Cambridge to see Superman The Movie, in a time where was no such thing as superhero films, or even the wildest dream that there ever would be.
And we were both knocked out by how right just about everything in it was, but especially how totally, completely right Chris Reeve & Margot Kidder were.
Margot's Lois was sexy, sassy, smart and cynical, a force of nature even Supes had trouble keeping up with, and if she wasn't my first crush, well, she was only just behind Elizabeth Montgomery & Lindsay Wagner.
So it seems appropriate to post the last regular issue of Lois Lane's Bronze Age run here today, a story which is just as random and bizarre as, well... every other issue of Lois Lane. Just the way we like her. Wouldn't Margot have had a field day playing this one?


  1. Like you say, another little piece of the past gone. I first saw the movie in Glasgow in January of 1979 and it still holds up pretty well even today. Yeah, and Margot was hot. How can nearly 40 years have passed so quickly?

  2. Genuinely gutted to hear this news last night. It's hard to think anyone will ever top the charm and chemistry of Margot and Chris on screen as those two characters. They were just perfect toegther.

  3. "Love - not war - or we'll be as extinct as the dinosaur!" They don't write 'em like that anymore. Great choice Pete!
    Although I have to say that while the recent obits show Margot Kidder to have been an interesting figure by the standards of the film biz who seems to have got a raw deal from the success of Superman as a result, Teri Hatcher is the only Lois for me.


  4. Nice reminiscing. Thanks Pete! Also my high moral standards for wlheroes in comics was not challenged which was a plus in my book.

  5. Noel Neill and Teri Hatcher were not chopped liver, but in my mind it's Margot Kidder.