Saturday, 12 May 2018

Mike Kaluta's As Night Falls

There was a brief period in the very early '70's when the Studio guys, and their artistic brethren ( people like Bruce Jones, Ralph Reese, Richard Corben & Frank Brunner ) regularly contributed to fanzines while still doing pro work.
Tho' most of these zines actually were quite professional themselves, so maybe prozine or ground level comic is a better title. Kind of cousins to Star*Reach or Hot Stuf'. Regardless, they're the kind of thing well worth seeking out online or at cons, as they invariably contain wonderful, unseen work.
As Night Falls appeared in long lost books such as Reality, Infinity & Phase, and is an example of the kind of fantasy prevalent in the Bronze Age, and that I really miss these days.
The last time I recall seeing something like this was Pacific's Pathways To Fantasy, and that was only one issue.
As Night Falls, meanwhile, really should be read at dawn on the first day of Autumn. But it's still magical, whenever you read it.


  1. Beautiful artwork and beautiful poetry, a perfect blend.

    Thank you for posting these poems with imagery.