Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Jonnie Love

Jonnie Love appeared intermittently all over Charlton's Bronze Age Romance books, but mostly in Teenage Love, travelling the highways and byways of '70's USA, in much the same way Green Lantern / Green Arrow, Jason's Quest & Doug Wildey's Ambler were also all doing at the time.
Jonnie had had enough of The Man bringing him down about his long hair and freewheeling lifestyle, so split to do his own thing.
Man, those roads were just crammed with heroes discovering America, weren't they?
Like some counter culture Cupid, Jonnie's bag is helping out lovelorn folk in just about every town he rides through, though he never quite manages to get it on himself.
Like the best romance strips, it is, in short, totally cheesy and completely brilliant, both at the same time. Here's Jonnie, making the scene.

And here Jonnie raps about the evils of drugs, something that, as a longhaired biker of love, he presumably knows quite a lot about.

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