Monday, 7 May 2018

Jeff Jones' Spasm

Spasm was published by Last Gasp in 1973, and was a collection of hard to find strips from Jeff Jones' early career. A few of these strips were later reprinted by Pacific in Ravens & Rainbows #1, complete with sympathetic new colouring, but these pages are colourful enough in black and white.
I'm a sucker for Jones' feather light visual poetry, even if I don't always understand it. But Jeff understood it, and that's really all that matters. Some work engages the subconscious rather than the intellect.


  1. Yeah, I don't get it either, but Jeff Jones was one of a kind. Brilliant.
    That Baz Thing post was great too; are you going to give us something by Kaluta and the late Berni Wrightson next then Pete?


  2. You saw right through me, Sean, yep, Mike & Berni on the way. Unfortunately not as unpublished as the BWS piece, but I have managed to locate various underground / ground level books over the years from around the net with rare stuff in them...