Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Howard The Duck Is Duck-Man In Ducktective Comics

Even though the only Howard The Duck stories that really count are the ones written by Steve Gerber, you have to admit the Steve-less b/w Howard mag was a pretty good shot at continuing the character.
Bill Mantlo did his best, contributing a Gerber-lite version of Howard & Bev, and even though he didn't mean it in the same way Steve obviously did, there's still a lot of fun to be had here.
Gene Colan was still on board for most of the stories, and there were guest slots like a couple of fantastic Michael Golden pieces, and this, one of the best things Marshall Rogers ever did.
Howard eating pizza by Marshall is worth the price of admission alone, but his wry take on the classic Batman run he'd done with Steve Englehart just a couple of years before makes this more than a little bit special, even if it is by necessity a more de-clawed duck than we'd been used to.


  1. This was the only Howard The Duck issue I ever had. I wish I still had it.

  2. As I say, most of them were pretty good, and I speak as a massive Gerber fan, so I shouldn't like them at all.

  3. Ahh Howard the Duck, Cleveland’s finest superhero (Sorry about that Superman).

  4. I really liked the post-Gerber HTD, including the magazine run. It seemed to be a good combination of socio-political philosophical introspection and humor and silliness, without being totally absurd.