Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Berni Wrightson Unpublished: The Monster Jar

You figured out who was up next, right? I barely need any prompting to go on about the greatness of The Studio ( the book and the artists ), so after that mighty Windsor-Smith drop last week, well, we have to do them all, don't we?
Web Of Horror was a short-lived ( 3 issues and gone ) anthology mag hoping for a piece of Warren's action, that featured in it's tiny run Jeff Jones, Bruce Jones, Mike Kaluta, Ralph Reese, Midnight Tales' Wayne Howard & Frank Brunner. And of course, the still-can't-believe-he's-gone Berni Wrightson.
The story of what happened to Web Of Horror is a long and involved, but interesting one, and I recommend an interview Berni did for the Comics Journal for those who want to find out more about this early period of his career ( It's on their site now ).
Meanwhile, here's a beautiful piece I found on Heritage Auctions that he did for the never published fourth issue. Pull up a coffin, fellow fiends.


  1. Fantastic. Just start calling it the Studio Age of Blogs and you can't go wrong!

    Btw, for anyone checking out that Wrightson interview at the Comic Journal website, they have a brilliant one with Barry Smith that's well worth a read too.
    He's not shy about telling it as he sees it.


  2. Yeh, I could just do Studio stuff forever to be honest.
    Think I've read that interview with BWS too; He says to Jim Shooter that Gary Groth isn't really that bad and soon after leaves Valiant if I remember.