Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Vampirella, Pantha & The Rook Team-Up

It was always a treat when Warren characters appeared in each others series, and didn't happen often enough for me. So here's Vampirella & Pantha teaming up with The Rook to take on a million year old energy sucking monster that's about to destroy the Earth.
To be honest, this story is a little bit of a missed opportunity. As it takes place in Restin Dane's series, it's he and his supporting cast that take centre stage, relegating the girls to basically standing around looking pretty. What a way to treat your guests, at least Spidey was more gracious to his Team-Up partners.
The final anticipated epic battle also doesn't really take place, but you kind of expect that sort of randomness from a Bill Dubay script, don't you?

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