Saturday, 7 April 2018

John M. Burns' Eartha

Like you, I've got a fair few gaps in my online collection I'm still trying to fill. Here's one, John M. Burns' sexy cavegirl strip Eartha, as originally serialised in The News Of The World's Sunday magazine in 1981. Well, thanks to my old pal Sean Phillips, I'm now this close to putting together a complete version of this piece.
It's Burns at his best, with the kind of strip you just don't see anymore, and if the script, by Axa's Donne Avenell, seems made up as you go along, well, it probably was. But, as long as one of Burns' patented leggy females gets to leap and cavort all over the page, who cares?
I  think we're literally missing a couple of pages now, so if anyone has any of the gaps, or any of the undialogued pages here dialogued, well, you know what to do.


  1. Excellent work by John Burns with some subtle touches a la Stan Drake. :). Inquiry: is there any romance stuff by Paul Gillon that can be translated?

  2. A complete classic story! Excelent!

  3. The only Paul Gillon I've ever read is The Survivor so I'll have to have a look.

  4. Bit late to comment, but can I just say that John Burns really is one of the unsung heroes of UK comics? His craftsmanship is top-notch...I have never seen a subpar job from him.

    The one thing that mystifies me is that he never seemed to stick to the one gig very long...low boredom threshold, perhaps?

  5. I don't know, that may be true, but definitely, Burns is one of the great unsung heroes as you say. That's why I'm always putting him stuff on here.