Friday, 20 April 2018

Dan Dare In The Lost Worlds

It surprised me recently, while reading Thrill-Power Overload, the history of The Galaxy's Greatest Comic, to find out that most fans of 2000AD, and a lot of it's staff, never liked the reboot of Dan Dare that ran throughout the mag's early years.
Me, I really liked it. I liked the very first Belardinelli strips, and I loved this, the Gerry Finlay-Day & Dave Gibbons epic we're about to read.
Listen, I've read most of the original Dan Dare strips, and of course, they're beautiful to look at, but they don't mean a thing to me emotionally. The writing is unbelievably dense, and the distance of time can't help but make them a bit of a chore to get through.
THE Dan Dare, the Eagle Dan Dare, isn't my Dan Dare. 2000AD's one is.
Maybe it would've been received better if they'd just called this character something else, because here we have a tough hero taking a bunch of bad guys out on a trip to the Lost Worlds, drawn by Dave Gibbons. What's not to love?


  1. Am I mistaken, or do I detect some Bolland inks in that last chapter?

  2. hmm dunno you might be right...

  3. That last double spread was definitely inked by Brian Bolland, and he drew that prog 45 cover.

    Zarjaz post Pete; loved the Belardinelli Dan Dare as a scrote, particularly the hollow planet storyline - which I think was written by the late Steve Moore? - and this early Gibbons version takes me back too.
    His art was a bit Wally Wood (not that I was much up on all that at the time) so it had an appropriately retro look.

    Although by the time our hero acquired the cosmic claw Eternicus it was obvious that Tharg never had a clue about what to do with the character.


  4. Yeh, it jumped the shark at that point for sure...